Awaken the Inner Shaman by Jose Luis Stevens

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    Awaken the Inner Shaman by Jose Luis Stevens
  • Author: Jose Luis Stevens
  • Publisher: Sounds True
  • Format: Paperback


Many spiritual sources, from the great mystics through to today’s advocates of the Law of Attraction, speak of the existence of an invisible power that is accessible to each one of us.

A serious failing of both the ancient and modern references to this power is that they fail to explain why it exists, where it emanates from and how to use it in our daily lives.

Writer and teacher Jose Luis Stevens, in his latest book, refers to this power as the ‘Inner Shaman’.

He believes that it is the human heart, often described in esoteric teachings as the second brain, that interfaces between our mundane self and the universal source of power.

Not only does the heart act as a power transmitter, it is also, through its connection to universal intelligence, wiser and infinitely better informed than we are at a mental level of our being.

In truth, it is debatable whether anything that manifests in our lives appears without us expressing this core power to some degree or the other.

As a result, the author argues, we are better off living our mundane lives with reference to the wisdom of our hearts, rather than the ego mind. The ego mind is not only less capable of making the correct decisions about ourselves, but also has been indoctrinated with ideas and concepts that are not in accordance with the grander interests of our Higher Selves.

Awaken the Inner Shaman begins with an introduction to the Inner Shaman and reveals the connection between the way it functions and contemporary ideas about quantum physics.

From there, the book looks at the impact that the Inner Shaman has upon our DNA and how, through working with it, we can accelerate our transformations.

Here, we meet the first of a series of practical lessons on how to bring this about with clear daily meditations.

With personal anecdotes and reference to other Shamanic cultures, the author reveals the way in which we have, as a species, moved away from understanding the spiritual influences that underpin our lives. He describes the process by which the ego has come to dominate and control our lives and how we can regain our spiritual and magickal heritage.

Subsequent chapters look at how to engage with the Inner Shaman, how to remove blockages that separate us from its wisdom, the function that it performs in healing us and the process by which we can hand our lives over to its jurisdiction.

Finally, the book closes with some more advanced techniques for contacting the Inner Shaman in our daily lives.


Although Awaken the Inner Shaman does not specifically reference any single Shamanic tradition, it does offer its readers an opportunity to understand how Shamen and Shamankas of all traditions access the inner worlds.

Whilst the core message of this book is simple, the implications of its wisdom are broader than you might assume.

In fact, so broad is its scope of insight that this book is not limited to those readers who follow the Shamanic tradition. It is a publication that I am sure will also be of interest to traditional spiritualists, mystics, magickians and to anyone who wishes to get more out of themselves and their lives.

Throughout its pages, the author has done an excellent job in charting the delicate, but highly rewarding, process of re-orientation from narrow, self-interest and contracted power into one of universal love, truth and limitless power.

It is not often that you come across a book that is quite so erudite in its message as Awaken the Inner Shaman—nor one that is so powerful in its philosophical message that it leaves you feeling charged up and wanting to change your life but also leaves you confident that you have been given the clearest and most effectual techniques for doing so.

With its grounded, clear and sympathetic approach to personal empowerment, Awaken the Inner Shaman engages with your core being and draws you into a more dynamic and expansive way of living. Open your heart, follow its wisdom and awaken to the Inner Shaman!