Believe and Receive by Melissa Alvarez

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    Believe and Receive by Melissa Alvarez
  • Author: Melissa Alvarez
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Date Published: 8 Jan 2018
  • Format: Paperback

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The motivation behind most things that people do is generally borne from an initiative to improve life opportunities. Our desire to move into an environment more that is more in keeping with our true psychospiritual energy is something that pushes most people on in life.

Our modern commercial and material society offers many different avenues to help one advance but there are times when it is necessary to call upon metaphysical forces to aid us along our journey to realising our innate dreams.

Find the Law That Works For You

In her book Believe and Receive intuitive coach and energy-worker Melissa Alvarez offers forty specific metaphysical laws and principles which she identifies as offering primary tools in the struggle for personal attainment.

Alvarez opens her book by quick-listing what these forty principles are before returning to them later in the book to describe them in greater detail.

It all begins with what she refers to as ‘The Golden Rule’ – a moral truth that expresses the most potent advice for living well, which is to simply ‘treat others as you would have them treat you.’

Later laws build upon this fundamental premise by describing the nature and power behind other popular concepts such as those of love, gratitude, energy vibration, attraction, affirmation, allowing, and forgiveness….to mention but a few!

Once cataloged the author then explains how each one is derived from Universal principles which, she explains in the following way.

“The natural laws keep the universe functioning, making sure it has everything it needs to work, from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy.”

It is by learning how to use these natural laws that we are aided in obtaining whatever we so desire.

However, as a slight caveat to this, she does point out that to make them work you need to “…know and love the real you, feel confident in the truth of your nature, and reach out to attain your goals.”

Breaking Down the Laws

The main content of Believe and Receive revolves around forty chapters with each one specifically dedicated to one of the laws. They include an in-depth analysis and interpretation of the law as well as a guide to how it operates or manifests on this physical plane. At the conclusion of each chapter Alvarez includes practical tips that relate to the application of each one.

In concluding her book the author states that “Success comes from the desire inside you. It’s not based on your circumstances, family, or anything else. The energy within you can create all you desire.”

You just have to initiate some action and get on with it!

Our Review of Believe and Receive by Melissa Alvarez

Anyone who has studied or applied the principles of the Law of Attraction will be only too aware that in of itself it is a concept that is deeply flawed. In addition, anyone who has bought into the mistaken premise that we create what we think about or that all we need to do is be positive and the world will reward, you will attest to the fact that these principles do not work either.

These common principles to manifestation work are included in Believe and Receive but they remain only one small part of a much broader and incredibly deeper aspect to an immense subject.

Normally I would advise readers to stay well clear of books such as this one for they tend to offer great things but produce little. Believe and Receive is somewhat different because it approaches these forty principles from a heightened spiritual perspective rather than a simply material one – an approach that is so often lacking in most books on manifestation.

At the end of the day no one law will suffice in providing you with the answers to your desire to improves your life – for your winning formula is very likely to be a mixture of several different laws which are fused together in a way that is personal to yourself.

In Believe and Receive the reader is offered a very real and thoroughly grounded approach to the challenges of manifestation. It’s content is powerful and transforming, illucidating and inspirational.

If you are looking for a deeper exposition of metaphysical workings of the Universe then look no further than Melissa Alvearez’s excellent Believe and Receive; for it contains a wealth of solid advice and practical guidance on how to leverage the immense potential that resides within us all.