Bird Magic by Sandra Kynes

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    Bird Magic by Sandra Kynes
  • Author: Sandra Kynes
  • Format: Paperback


Over a period of some twenty-five thousand years the Divine was represented as an image formed from a cross between a woman and a bird. This mythological creature was commonly known as the Bird Goddess.

So it became that the bird was deemed to be more sacred than any other species in the natural kingdom and the most highly revered to worshippers of the Great Mother.

Avian Totems

In her book Bird Magic Sandra Kynes – a highly respected writer on Wicca and Magic; as well as member of the presitios society of Bards, Ovates and Druids, invites her readers to embrace the fascinating world of the Goddess with reference to her expression via the bird kingdom.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part is called The Practices.

In this section, Kynes provides historical information about the Bird Goddess as well as the appearance of birds in religion, shamanism and divination.

Each of the chapters in this section of her book contains practices, activities, and rituals designed to help the reader connect to aspects of the Great Goddess as life-giver, nurturer, death-wielded, regeneratrix, and transformer.

Part two of Bird Magic includes history, myths, folklore, and magical information as well as guidance on ways to connect with the energy of more than one hundred species of birds.

The book closes with a timeline of historical periods, a list of correspondences between sabbath and deities as well as extensive bibliography and full index.

Our Review of Bird Magic by Sandra Kynes

Whilst some types of birds; those such as the magpie, raven, owl and hawk, are popular avian totems with a long history of veneration by humans, this book also includes a number of other more exotic species that one would not immediately identify with either magic or Wicca.

However, no matter what part a particular bird plays in the pantheon of totem creatures each gets equal treatment here in this highly-fascinating publication.

One the downside – and as is so often the case, some of the associations that the author gives to a species is somewhat subjective and they do not, to my mind, really work.

Nevertheless one has to bow down to the impressive amount of research that Kynes has clearly done here in tracing so many species of birds through history and through so many different locations from all around the world. Maybe their function changes slightly according to one’s own shamanic experiences.

What is impressive about this book though is the actual magical advice given in regards to the energy of the birds. Given a bit of work by the reader in exploring these I am sure that a deeper and more resonant relationship will grow and develop with the Great Goddess through her avian emissaries.

Bird Magic by Sandra Kynes is something of a ‘must buy’ for all Wiccan bird-lovers; no matter where they live in the world.