A Book of Miracles by Bernie S. Siegel

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    A Book of Miracles by Bernie S. Siegel
  • Author: Bernie S. Siegel
  • Format: Paperback


Every minute of every day a miracle of one kind or another takes place. Without their intervention in our lives, life itself would not only be dreary and predictable, we would have no clear evidence that the Divine actually exists.

Some of the most miraculous events occur within the sphere of physical well-being. These invariably take the form of unexpected and seemingly spontaneous improvements in a person’s health—even after the medical profession has diagnosed a terminal disease and effectively given up on them.

Dr Bernie S Siegel was once a member of the orthodox medical profession. He has experienced many miracles at first hand. He has written 12 books on the subject, revealing the journey into some of the darkest places in the human psyche before taking the reader back out again into the world of love, compassion and understanding.

A Book of Miracles is a collection of anecdotes that he has collected from a number of people who have direct experience of miracles of one type or another.

Recovery from death or from a diagnosis of terminal illness is the over-riding theme within this book with stories of people who describe inexplicable remissions in serious diseases, such as cancer.

There is no definitive explanation for these about-turns in health for each story appears to hold a different key ingredient.

From pets to spirits, animals to positive prayer, the trigger for each major changes differs greatly. However, the underlying theme is that of someone who experiences a change in fortune that is so great, so dramatic and far-reaching that only the apparent intervention of some Higher Power appears to act as a viable explanation for them.

But even there, the concept of Higher Power is open to debate. Does the miracle come from a Supreme Deity? Is it a benevolent spirit or angel? Or is it, as many people believe to be the case, a demonstration of our own innate healing capabilities?

The book is sectioned in different criteria of the miracles. Most of the stories are from average people, leading mundane lives… that is until they experience the miraculous first hand, whilst others are from members of the medical profession.

All the stories are short and succinct—no more than a couple of pages each. This means that this book has a large number of contributors—so many, in fact, that, by the end, you sort of come to the conclusion that maybe miracles are not as uncommon as we tend to think they are!

A Book of Miracles includes a foreword by Deepak Chopra, additional practical exercises and end notes about the various contributors.


There is never a good time to be told that you are about to die—but there is always a great time to wake up to the mysterious power of healing. This book, above all else, shows that life can be approached in such a way that it leads yout to discover the inherent sacredness in everything.

Miracles are a wonderful way of making that first point of contact.

What is clear from this fascinating collection of reports that Dr Siegel has amassed in this book is that death seems to appear on the doormat of those individuals who are being secretly offered the choice whether to continue living life as they do or to take some drastic change in their life direction.

To this end, this is a thoroughly inspiring publication that will open the doors to a new way of living life for many readers. You do not actually have to be struggling with the fear of terminality to understand that the underlying message that comes through all of Dr Siegel’s work and stories is that of love, compassion and self-healing. If this requires a dramatic change in life circumstances, then so be it—that, effectively, is what life is all about.

A Book of Miracles is an inspirational guide that shines new light on life, love and the power of the miraculous to draw us out from the darkness and sense of powerlessness.