Born Aware by Diane Brandon

Publication Details

    Born Aware by Diane Brandon
  • Author: Diane Brandon
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Date Published: July 8, 2017
  • Format: Paperback


Heather recalls exactly where she was and what she was doing before she was born – she remembers that was an angel, working with other angels doing creative work.

Basically we worked in groups of four, and we were all kindred, and we would build planets. It was taking the energy of the Creator and building from it and that was what we did.

Heather is one of those rare individuals who has a conscious recollection of life before she was born. She also remembers how, just before she was due to incarnate, she was met by her own personal guide who assured her that he would be with her throughout her future life on Earth.

Spiritual Memories

Heather’s account is just one of many featured by Diane Brandon’s book Born Aware which investigates incidences of children who seem to keep their connections to Spirit alive and intact once they incarnate.

Brandon was encouraged to start investigating the subject of following a voice of divine inspiration that spoke to her during a meditation back in 2013. She listened to it’s encouragement with the result that she followed line of investigation into a subject that is not often covered in spiritual circles.

In the introduction to her book the author challenges the wildly-held notion that babies are born as blank slates – open canvases upon which external circumstances forge a unique sense of character. As her many stories of children who recall their spiritual impulses and earlier pre-birth state experiences show this is not the way that youngsters are psychologically formed.

Born Aware is constructed in three specific parts.

  • Part one examines the nature of the “Born Aware” phenomenon
  • Part two includes individual accounts, such as the one included earlier by Heather, of those children who are born with that same sense of innate spiritual awareness
  • Part three looks at the many lessons that can be drawn from the born aware phenomenon as well as techniques for enhancing awareness of spiritual gifts

It is in the third section of the book where the personal expertise of its author emerges. As an integrative intuitive counsellor Brandon has a working knowledge of the human face of spiritual work. As a writer and teacher on books related to the subconscious and intuition she is equally well positioned to talk about the practical side of spiritual recalling.

Its is in this third, final section, that she gets to discuss some of her findings from her research. She also identifies the similar ways in which those who are born aware describe their Higher Selves as well show how many common themes exist regarding their sense of mission during the time they have to spend on Earth.

It seems that the spiritual life is something that we are born into rather than consciously cultivate.

Born Aware

Born Aware is actually two books in one. Firstly it is a fascinating portrayal of the process currently taking place on the planet at this time in which many old and enlightened souls are incarnating to help in the raising of vibrations on this planet.

Secondly the book offers a valuable insight into the practical techniques that can be employed to help make that all import connection to the Higher Self and to a deeper awareness of the work, or spiritual mission that we are destined to undertake.

In both cases the book works exceedingly well. The case studies that Brandon draws from are extraordinary. The degree of recollection, which is unaided by the addition of any technique such as hypnosis, is remarkable. In fact they are so engaging that it makes you wonder why it is that we don’t’ all recall such important details about ourselves and our lives.

Whilst the personal accounts and recollections are powerful and inspiring no less can be said of the the practical guidance that the author offers later on in her book. These have clearly been developed to help those who do not recall those all-important details about their spiritual lives.

Born Aware is a delightful book. It is also one that offers an important insight into a world that few people – even those working in the world of spirituality, get to experience first hand. Furthermore the research that Diane Brandon presents should rattle the caged-doors of dogma currently held by traditional religion. It won’t – but it should do!