Chakras Beyond Beginners by David Pond

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    Chakras Beyond Beginners by David Pond
  • Author: David Pond
  • Format: Paperback


OK, so you know what chakras are, where they are located in the human body and how they operate but do you know how to work with them in daily spiritual practice?

In Chakras Beyond Beginners astrologer, author, speaker and workshop leader David Pound examines the role, form and function of Chakras and how they impact upon both our physical and spiritual lives.

Using the traditional Eastern system he reveals how by working with the seven major chakras we can learn to increase the natural flow of energy through our psychospiritual systems.

In particular his book focusses upon how the upper centres; as they relate to the Higher Self, and their important relationship to lower ones which he explains relate to our more base ego energies.

Here Pond argues that by creating a balance between these two opposites and by becoming more generally aware of your energy fields, it becomes easier to develop at a spiritual level.

Keys to Working With Chakras

In the opening to his book Pond formulates a few key principles for working with your energy centers.

These include the need to increase one’s power of attention, to strengthen the breathe and raise Kundlini energy. He strongly advocates starting a daily journal to record the work.

Starting with the lowest Muladhara chakra through to the Sahasrara, or crown chakra, the author includes a list of each one’s primary associations along with their core functions, positive and negative attributes as well as associated colors.

The author also includes specific daily exercises; such as posture, breathing and yoga, that can help to stimulate each center.

Individually these therapies can help alleviate many of life’ problems. These can be external and take on the form of personal challenges, as well as internal such as energy blockages that lead to health issues.

Of course, the benefits of working with chakras is that they also work collectively and together they can result in enhanced feelings of self-empowerment or improved levels of self-esteem.

In the closing of his book the author addresses the many forms of changes and transformations that this enhanced energy flow creates. As he states in closing his book; the greatest benefit that can be drawn from chakrawork is that “…you awaken to the fullness of who you are….”

Our Review of Chakras Beyond Beginners by David Pond

The approach to Chakras taken by Pond in his book both works and fails in equal measure.

On the one hand it’s clear and concise – no waffle,approach to learning, is both refreshing and exciting – in fact his is a book that rattles along and explains a great deal in a very short space of time.

Where it fails is that it falls into a narrowly-defined approach to chakras – one that is promoted by so many other books on the same subject.

The issue is that the book draws upon a system that largely fails to address the increasingly complex psyche of the modern spiritual man or woman. In this regard the book several key elements are missing from the narrative including the all-important use of the feet chakra for maintaining a balanced and grounded central energy system as well as any sort of reference to some of the more important chakras that are currently opening up in spiritually-awakened individuals.

I also found a lot of the somewhat fluffy and superfluous New Agey chakra attributions to detract from what is essentially a very practical and grounded workbook.

If these issues are not important to you and you want to know how to actually make the primary and orthodox chakras work for you then this book has a to offer – particularly, and despite the title of the book, for any first-time student of the system.