Creativity on Demand by Michael J GelbCreativity on Demand by Michael J Gelb

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    Creativity on Demand by Michael J Gelb
  • Author: Michael J Gelb
  • Publisher: Sounds True
  • Format: Paperback


Have you ever wondered what makes an artist such a uniquely-creative individual? If a work of art has ever deeply moved you—regardless of whether it was a painting, a piece of music or a sculpture—you will probably have wondered where the inspiration for that art sprang from.

As a society, we tend to think of creative people as being part of a sub-set of our culture. They are usually revered as individuals that the Gods have gifted with spectacular talents and skills.

Is that really true? Or is there an aspect of human consciousness that can be developed to enable every one of us to connect to higher levels of divine inspiration?
Michael J Gelb is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the development and application of genius thinking. For over 30 years, during which time, he has written 14 books, he has worked as a professional speaker, seminar-leader and organizational consultant.

His latest book, ‘Creativity On Demand’, has been recently released to great critical acclaim, with a first printing having already sold out. An updated version, including additional material, will be available to buy from Sounds True very shortly.

Creativity On Demand begins with a call to you, its reader, to consider the possibility that the source of creativity is inexhaustible and that, over the centuries, certain individuals have learned to connect to it.

Gelb is a firm believer in this principle. He goes so far as to suggest that this creative energy field not only exists but that Universal Law does not select which of us can access its benevolence.

Through his book, he reveals the techniques that allow anyone to open themselves up to the creative impulses of art and life and to draw from them unique ideas.

The book is divided into three specific parts. In Part 1, Gelb presents a concise set of insights into the most potent ways he has learned for tapping into creative power. The basis of his ideas are rooted in ancient Chinese energy systems which have been modified for Western use. Many readers will recognize his adaptation of QI (which he refers to as short for ‘Qualitative Impetus’) as being similar to the Chinese principle of Chi.

In Part 2, Gelb teaches you how to master your creative mindset, how to cultivate the energy to support the process of creativity and how to become more effective in living every aspect of your life.

Part 3 of the book focuses on the different modes of thinking that underpin and support the creative process. These are important stages in creative empowerment as they encourage you to think in more expansive and versatile ways.

The book is interspersed throughout the book are practical lessons with accompanying photographs to help you understand the various methods to perform the exercises. The book loses with a reference and notes section.


Every now and again, a publication comes along that completely catches you off guard. Book titles tend to be fair(ish) indicators of their content. Initially, I thought that this was another run-of-the-mill self-development publication that, like so many others, promises a lot but delivers little.

Instead, it became clear very early on in reading it that this is a work comprised of a quite different set of qualities.

Instead of focusing on the creative process as a solely cerebral function, Gelb takes the approach that a person’s ability to create great art and unique concepts is born from an active connection to a universal power. This energy is drawn in through the physical body by exercising the etheric rather than mental faculties.

With ideas that are heavily influenced by such traditional energy-moving techniques as Tai Chi, this book reveals the specific techniques that the author has perfected over many years.

Do these exercises work? Yes, I quickly discovered that they do.

I practiced several of them over the course of a week. I quickly discover that I was having much more creatively-inspired working days. I have no doubt that prolonged use of the techniques employed in this book would gain some spectacular results.

The book is both informative and practical with easy to follow exercise routines and clear explanations of the metaphysical principles and philosophies that underpin them. The photos add greatly to the narrative. The tone of this book is that of a master of his trade passing on his experience to expectant students. In short, ‘Creativity On Demand’ is a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating read.

In Creativity on Demand Michael Gelb offers spectacularly powerful techniques to transcend your self-limiting beliefs about the nature of creativity. This is a thoroughly inspiring publication that no artist, writer or performer should miss.



Book of the Month: December 2014

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