Crystal Grids by Henry M Mason and Brittani Petrofsky

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    Crystal Grids by Henry M Mason and Brittani Petrofsky
  • Author: Henry M MasonBrittani Petrofsky
  • Format: Paperback


Crystals of many kinds feature heavily in New Age spirituality. For this reason books on the subject of crystals and crystal work can be found in some profusion.

Most authors tend to approach the subject in a fairly linear mannerly – first offering insights into the specific qualities of minerals and gemstones followed by general advice on their perceived benefits and uses.

Henry M Mason and Brittani Petrofsky are two leading experts on crystals who in their book Crystal Grids have approached the topic of advanced crystal work from a rather unique perspective.

Nature’s Creation

In their book the authors establish the the foundation upon which they have built their research into the effects of crystals and gemstones.

As they point out in their introduction to the book science is now taking a serious look at crystals and their fascinating properties. One area in particular that has seen rapid growth in our understanding of crystals has developed from science’s ability to actually determine the specific crystalline structure of gemstones at an atomic level.

In Crstal Grids the authors identify a number of regular shapes and patterns of popular stones such as Quartz, agate, jasper, calcite, amethyst, aquamarine and citrine.

The various crystalline lattices are identified as;

  • Hexagonal
  • Isometric
  • Monoclinic
  • Orthorhombic
  • Triclinic
  • Tetragonal

Where Mason and Petrofsky’s approach to crystalwork is different is that they have taken these fundamental patterns and used them to form what they refer to as Crystal Grids.

Power Created From Unison

The authors explain in their book how simple geometric principles underpin the whole of the creation process.

These patterns can be as simple as a circle, triangle or square. They can also be significantly more complex than that such as in the case of spirals and polygons.

The crystal grids that the authors refer to are simply clusters of stones that you can arrange in such a way that they replicate the natural order of things; or which replicate the crystalline framework within gemstones themselves.

The authors highlight the specific uses that crystal grids can be put to – everything from negative energy clearing and emotion cleansing through to operating as tools in matters of love, finances and career.

Twenty-nine grids in total are presented here as formulas for attaining these specific goals. Each one includes advice on how to set the grid up, which stones should be used, how to position them and the expected outcome of their accumulate effect.

The book closes with a bibliography, list of stones and their structures, and an index.


This is a book on advanced crystal magic which will not really be of great value to beginners or those who might be new to the subject.

I say this not so much because this book contains awkwardly difficult or advanced metaphysical concepts because it doesn’t, but simply because some of the grids presented in this book require access to a fairly extensive collection and variety of stones.

Sadly I do not have these to hand and so am unable to test out for myself the efficacy of the practices being presented here. For that reason I can only comment on the quality of the book itself rather than on the quality of the information contained within it.

Given the efforts that the authors have gone to in the book’s early stages to explain the science upon which these ideas are based I can see no reason though why what is being proposed here is anything less than a powerful form of natural energy magic.

The book, as I say, is well though out, clearly written and nicely illustrated. Particular effort has been made by the authors to cover the practical creation of a crystal grid and their choice of types of grid is wide and covers both practical and spiritual themes.

So with my earlier expressed caveat that I do not have the resources to actually  put the actual practices to work and so provide any prof that they work – though I see no reason why they should not, I give Crystal Grids by Henry M Mason and Brittani Petrofsky a heavy endorsement.

I would simply recommend that you buy this excellent and fascinating expose of crystal grids and put the author’s claims to the test for yourself. I do not think that you will be disappointed!