Daily Writing Resilience by Bryan E Robinson

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    Daily Writing Resilience by Bryan E Robinson
  • Author: Bryan E Robinson
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Date Published: 1 February 2018
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0738753430

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Contrary to popular opinion the creative art of writing is not a process that manifests like water from a kitchen tap. When it happens – should it happen at all, it does so through concerted effort, sweat, and a lot of shedded tears. Very few authors are exempt from this hard and challenging process – even the world’s top-selling and most successful writers suffer from it.

Very few authors understand the creative writing process better than Bryan E Robinson. Robinson, who has published thirty-five nonfiction books and two novels, is an intrepid wordsmith who has tasted at close quarters both the sweet and sour aspects of the writing process. The experience that he has gleaned over the years he now freely shares in his book Daily Writing Resilience.

The Road

Only a very small minority of budding writers ever pick up a pen and commit themselves to a writing career solely with the intention of becoming either rich or famous. As many failed writers will tell you, it does not work like that. Being successful at the art requires the application of a wide skillset – a toolbox of skills and abilities that are forged only through deep struggle and dogged endeavour.

In the introduction to his book Robinson emotionally expresses some of the personal mental and emotional pain that he has experienced during his career as a writer. These include such traumas as successive rejection letters, deep exhaustion drawn from trying to meet publishers deadlines, and the soul-tearing frustration resulting from writers-block.

In Daily Writing Resilience Robinson presents 365 meditations and inspirations for those wishing to either expand their writing career or who want to get started along the road to writing proficiency. The author breaks this process down and offers his readers the opportunity to tackle the task over the course of a year with each day featuring one specific task, action, challenge, insight, or observation which he feels any writer can benefit from.

Whilst his teaching system begins on January 1st and goes through to December 31st in an orderly and systematic fashion, the author states that the process does not have to be followed in this way. As in all things it is down to the individual reader to approach the book in whichever way best suits their style, working circumstances and personal preference.

Whilst the daily challenges differ the central theme that underpins the whole process is simple and one which Robinson encapsulates when he says:

Ask not how your writing life is treating you; ask how you are treating your writing life.


The key to this book is inherent within its title and that word is resilience – that human characteristic which has, throughout time differentiated those artists, writers, and musicians who become successful from those who fail. Daily Writing Resilience features an extraordinary collection of tips to aid that process.

Robinson’s intention in Daily Writing Resilience is clearly to help the reader achieve success through the lessons of his own writing failings. It includes basic writing advice, insights into the creative process and commentary designed to let you know that you are not alone whilst traveling the path of the author. In addition it also features practices and skillsets that form an integral aspect to writing; but which might not be evidently apparent to non-creative types. These include; meditation, breathe work, yoga practices, stress management, and self-care through good diet and proper sleep patterns.

What becomes most apparent from reading Daily Writing Resilience is that it has clearly been forged through the fires of personal experience, systematic endeavour, and a love for communicating the written word. The results speak for themselves and the value of this work to writers, bloggers, reviewers, journalists – in fact, to anyone who seeks to craft the written word, is incalculable.



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