Dark Spirits by Steven Lancaster

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    Dark Spirits by Steven Lancaster
  • Author: Steven Lancaster
  • Format: Paperback


Steven Lancaster is a paranormal researcher who has been investigating ghosts since 1997. In 2007 he formed the Paranormal Investigations Team and is currently the producer of MonsterVisioTV, an independent Paranormal investigations program with nearly two million views worldwide.

Such is his status as a paranormal researcher that he has been interviewed on his experiences on hundreds of radio shows.

A Life Chasing the Darkness

Lancaster has detailed some of the most terrifying investigations that he has been personally been involved with over the past fifteen years in his book Dark Spirits.

In its opening he talks candidly about his thoughts regarding death and the afterlife. Here he openly reveals his own feelings towards the dark forces that operate within the world of the paranormal. He iis clearly as confounded by their inexplicable nature as anyone.

What then follows his opening statement is a personalised account of some of the more intriguing cases that he has worked on along. These reports include full and graphic descriptions of the events and circumstances that caused them to be singled out for particular consideration.

Our Review of ‘Dark Spirits’ by Steven Lancaster

If you enjoy a good old scary story coupled with mystery, intrigue and darkness then here is a book that you will enjoy.

Lancaster has a good story-telling style and so Dark Spirits rattles along like an old skeleton dragging its chains behind it.

How much of it you feel you can read at a time will depend mainly on your nerves but I reckon they will be pretty well shredded after a very short period of time!

Wonderfully dark and deliciously unnerving here is book for those who like to feel the sensation of the hairs pricking up on the back of their necks.