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Publication Date: May 19, 2017
Publisher: Radiant Books
Author(s): Zinovia Dushkova
Title: The Heart of Infinity: Exploring the Universe (The Teaching of the Heart) (Volume 4)
The Heart of Infinity: Exploring the Universe (The Teaching of the Heart) (Volume 4)  by Zinovia Dushkova

Since ancient times, the boundless stellar sky has attracted our gaze and thoughts. Its magnificent beauty and great mysteries have always been awakening eternal philosophical questions in our hearts — about the Universe and our place in it, about the nature and purpose of our existence.

What does the Universe as a whole represent? How is it organized? By what laws does it abide? How does the Cosmos affect the events occurring on the Earth? Are we alone in the Universe? Is there life somewhere else?

The Lord of Love and Compassion invites you to open wide the wings of your spirit and embark on a spiritual flight across the vast expanses of the Universe to find answers to all these questions. Book 4 of The Teaching of the Heart series will reveal the depths of the Universe, enabling your heart to experience the delight of limitless possibilities and to touch the currents of unknown Distant Worlds.

From this incredibly exciting journey through the Stellar Ocean, you will return to the Earth a completely different person, with a new worldview and understanding of your destiny not only on this planet, but also in the Universe.

Review Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by Radiant Books