Enlighten My Senses by Cintra Best

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    Enlighten My Senses by Cintra Best
  • Author: Cintra Best
  • Publisher: Halo Publishing
  • Format: Paperback


Continuing to believe that life is good, that your God loves you and that everyone in your life means you well — despite all evidence to the contrary, can be a Herculean task when events work to conspire against you at every turn.

When life continues to throw at you every piece of emotional, mental and psychological garbage it can muster — and still you somehow find the strength to struggle on despite it all, then you know that whatever else the message that life is trying to send to you is vitally important to your Soul growth.

Once that message reveals its specific directive then you then know that at that point your life can truly begin.

Chaos and Karma

Someone who knows only too well about the challenges of life is Cintra Best.

As a child she suffered from an intense home life that led her into deep withdrawal and related emotional problems. These early issues, particularly those that were compounded as a result of a bad relationship with her mother and problems brought on by her fathers alcoholism, then reappeared later on in her life through her close personal relationships.

Suffering from a whole succession of health issues which modern medicine failed to identify Best sought out an endless succession of alternative approaches to healing — some of which helped her core problems of low self-esteem and over-eating.

However despite major improvements in many areas of her life there remained a deep-seated problem which continued to undermine her best attempts to overcome the traumatic experiences of both her childhood and adult life.

In her book Enlighten my Senses Cintra Best reveals the road that she took en route to reaching that point of clarity in her life. From the challenges of a troubled childhood, the dysfunctional family structures through to the issues of loss through alcoholism Best describes the dialogue she had with the world around her until she reached a point at which the resolution to her problems pointed to a process of inner, rather than outer, examination and of coming to terms with her own victim mindset.

With more than a little sense of deep pragmatism Best’s personal philosophy is clear; “What is not love causes suffering and creates pain.”

Our Review of Enlighten My Senses by Cintra Best

Life does, despite our best intentions, constantly reveal its dark side to us. However very few of us are likely to have to experience a greater dose of it than Cintra Best who in her book opens herself up to her readers in an astonishingly open and honest way about the journey she has been forced to take.

The result is a somewhat heart-wrenching account of a set of tragic circumstances that tears the reader apart. In places, such as the time Best tried to reconcile her problems with her mother as she lay dying in hospital, leaves you with a chill running down the spine.

Despite this the book is both uplifting and ultimately one of redemption. The clear light of day does shine through in its later stages proving that love might not quite conquer all but it sure gives the darkness a run for its money.

By the end of her account you sort of become so engaged with the authors story and so empathetic with her struggle that you hope everything turns out well for her — which thankfully it does but I did feel that the author could have enlarged upon the process through which she found a way to begin to heal her heart.

Nevertheless I understand that a second, follow-up title Enlighten Your World might make some of these aspects to her remarkable story a little clearer.

Enlighten My Senses is an extraordinary testament to the indefatigable spirit of its author. In way of response to the problems that were fostered upon her hate would have been the easiest and simplest response. Instead the author took the hard road and through it discovered universal truths about the human condition that remain hidden from lesser mortals.

In the end her struggles left her able to offer something better to the world — and that, if nothing else, categorizes a life well lived.