Expect the Extraordinary by Sue Pighini

Publication Details

    Expect the Extraordinary by Sue Pighini
  • Author: Sue Pighini
  • Publisher: Livin' the Dream Media
  • Date Published: March 28, 2016
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0997163810


It has often been said that death marks the start of our greatest personal adventure. When the day arrives and the great unknown pulls us over the threshold and into a new existence we are said to be faced with fresh challenges within in a totally new environment.

But what happens if our time to leave is up but another part of Soul’s determines that we are not yet ready to leave?

What exactly occurs when we are saved from death and reminded that contrary to the Grand Plan we have yet further work to pursue before we finally depart this earth plane for good?

A Life Lived…Again

Sue Pighini has been a Creativity Life Coach and motivational speaker for the past twenty years. It was as a result of her own very close dice with death – not once but three times, that she was sent her on a new life-path; one that was less corporate and more centred upon the need to establish a deeper connection to the Divine.

In her book Expect the Extraordinary she shares her own personal philosophy regarding the remarkable life journey that she has been on. It also includes accounts of the many instances of divine intervention that have occurred throughout her later life.

Angels and Horses

One of the most interesting aspects to Sue’s life has been the sheer number of occasions when angelic intercedence in her affairs resulted in some significant changes to her incarnation. Angels were also instrumental in refining her connection to the Divine by modifying and expanding her many interests as well as drawing to her several people who came to play a significant part in her life story.

On the third occasion that an angel appeared to save the author from certain death she decided that she would dedicate herself to understanding their role more deeply by studying many traditional and non-traditional spiritual teachings.

When at last a much clearer personal insight into the human condition emerged it did so in the most unlikeY of places – through the close emotional bond that the author developed with her own horse whom she named Skye.

In the later stages of her book Sue discusses how soon after soon after her initial exposure to horse riding in Massachusetts in 2004 she developed a close spiritual connections with the soul of Skye – one that has led her to understand the nature of both human and equine existence on this planet.

The author expresses the importance of the horse/human connection in the following terms.

These large animals teach us to carry ourselves steeped in self-esteem and self-confidence, which are the calling cards of a fully blossoming human.

Having faced so many challenges in her life Sue finally sums up her own personal philosophy regarding the best way to ways to live a meaningful spiritual life.

When standing at the gates on the other side, we each will be asked, “Did you have joy and did you make a difference?

One can’t help feeling that in the case of Sue Pighini the answer is most definitely in the affirmative!

Our Review of Expect the Extraordinary by Sue Pighini

I often criticise modern spirituality books as being simply too disconnected from the realities of modern life to be of any great value.

Quite frankly I feel that one good book detailing the personal experiences of someone who has lived life to the full; by someone who has understood the value of life through close encounters with death or who has coped with the trauma that losing loved ones can bring, is worth a thousand self-help or popular psychospiritual manuals.

Expect the Extraordinary by Sue Pighini is definitely a book that makes the case for real, down-to-earth spiritual guidance forged through adversity as well as through joy.

Within its pages Sue Pighini presents a thoroughly enjoyable, self-reflective analysis of her own life – one that has had its course steered by divine angels along its way.

The book is also a noteworthy reading experience because of the inclusion of several personal photos and the addition of some of the author’s favourite quotes. These serve to keep the reader both entertained and informed in equal measure from cover to cover.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sue Pighini’s account and have only one slight criticism of it which is that I would have liked it to have been a longer and more detailed account – one perhaps that included the fleshing out of a few of her spiritual ideas as well as her experiences with the angels.

Who knows that might be material for another book!

Other than this Expect the Extraordinary is a publication that will appeal to many different types of readers – right across the board, and even to those I feel have little grounding in metaphysics but who do have a genuine interest in how to take life by the scruff of the neck and wring something of value out of it.