Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller

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  • Author: Jason Miller
  • Publisher: North Atlantic Books
  • Format: Paperback

In Financial Sorcery Jason Miller, digs deep into magickal theory to present a more concise and focussed approach to manifesting wealth.

Opening with a personal commentary on money and the spiritual community the book then explores money as the ancient spirit Mammon before investigating the importance of breath—along with some powerful deep-breathing exercises. The Breathe of Life, Chi or Akasha are, of course, core elements to many esoteric belief systems throughout the world.

In chapter 4 the real magick, or sorcery, starts with a look at the spirits of magick and their association to money.

Advice is then given regarding offerings to the same spirits as well as advice on haw to administer daily offerings to help promote their benevolence.

The next chapter is devoted to the planet Jupiter with information on invoking its planetary spirits. The author conjured Jupiter into manifestation and requested to be given the correct Jupiterian Seals to use in money magick.

The result of this experiment was no less than the manifestation of 16 glyphs, each of which covers an aspect of financial abundance; from drawing money through entrepreneurial work to finding a job and getting a promotion.

All sixteen glyphs have been reproduced in the book with an explanatory paragraph on the use and meaning of each one.

Chapter six covers a principle known as ‘set-point’ (a sort of de facto position that we tend to revert to in many areas of our lives). Advice is given on how to raise this point so as to let more abundance into your life.

Of course, abundance is not only about making money. It is also about prudent financial management and the next chapter focuses on how best to keep and utilize what financial resources you already have with debt-killing strategies. Most of insights and advice offered by the author at this point is practical rather than metaphysical in nature.

Earning money is, of course, a trade off between our time and energy with a commensurate financial return on how we designate their use. This brings the magickian into the realm of orthodox work and so the next sections of financial sorcery deals with using magick to find and job and to gain promotion at work.

For those not disposed towards working for other people the next chapter looks ‘Entrepreneurial Magic’ but once again this is mainly constructed around practical and established career action.

Financial Sorcery closes with an index and notes section

Our Review of ‘Financial Sorcery’

Financial Sorcery takes a wide approach to wealth creation by unifying core magickal practice with the sort of entrepreneurial advice that is freely available through other channels.

Magickians will, I must warn you, inevitably be somewhat disappointed by this book in that it fails to live up to the promise of its title. Whilst the Jupiterian sigils are impressive I did not get much response from using them. That may be my failing and others might derive more success from their use.

Others who approach this book looking for some solid advice on the nature of self-employment and finding work in our cut-throat, commercial world might get slightly more from it. But, as I said in the review, the advice given here is not unique and I was left feeling a little disappointed that the author, who works within the sphere of financial counselling, could not supply information of a greater depth and use.

As an introduction to some of the other excellent books on money magick, this book has some merit. But, other than the chapter on the Jupitarian Seals, it is unlikely to satisfy the demands of hardcore occultists.

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Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by North Atlantic Books.