Get It Done by Sam Bennett

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    Get It Done by Sam Bennett
  • Author: Sam Bennett
  • Publisher: New World Library
  • Date Published: 15 March 2014
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1608682102

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In this push-button, instant gratification world, we believe that success is easily achieved through the flicking of a switch! Sad to say, it isn’t!

Even the most productive artists, writers and musicians face a challenging, personal struggle before they are able to bring their project to fuition.

Being creatively talented or having any sort of creative idea is not enough on its own. Without exception, you must conjure the self-discipline, belief and laser-focus necessary to overcome the powerful forces of inertia that stand in your way.

The question that consistently dogs many creative individuals is how do you overcome the immense challenges you face when you are developing your ideas?

Get It Done, the creator of the Organized Artists Company, Sam Bennett explores the dark hell that so often engulfs and destroys the ideas of creative people.

From inertia through to writers block, this book identifies the pitfalls that so often destroy even the most powerful of creative ideas, consigning them to the trash can long before they mature enough to reach a wider audience.

Get It Done opens with what is probably the single most common problem artists of all types suffer from – procrastination.

This is something we all suffer from on a regular basis: how to avoid putting off doing things that we know we need to do.

The book then moves on to explain how you can prioritise all of the various elements to your project and ascertain which ones are likely to lead you to success and which ones you aught to junk. This process, in many cases, is an important first step to take for it very often helps you to overcome the first issue of procrastination.

The following chapters cover every conceivable aspect of a creative persons life—from the simple minutia of daily distractions through to the challenges of scheduling and budgeting. Bennett offers practical advice on how to organize your creative workspace, how to establish a positive approach to your work and what to do when the enormity of the project you have given birth to overwhelms you.

Just in case you happen to think that this is a book that deals only with the darker side of creativity, it also includes some helpful advice on how to deal with your newly-acquired celebrity status once your project gains mass approval. It seems that, in many cases, the struggle to deal with fame and fortune is as difficult as dealing with rejection and failure.

The book is structured in an easy-to-read format with anecdotal stories, hints and tips as well as check lists and exercises to help you along the road to success.

The book closes with an endnotes section and a full index.


The problem with so many books of this self-help type is that the author invariably presents ideas for over-coming an issue that worked for them whilst, at the same time, making the false assumption that their methodology is the correct way for everyone else.

What is so refreshing about Get It Done is that the author makes no such assumption.

Whilst she does explain the processes that work for her, she readily accepts that not all of her ideas will work for everyone.

Thankfully, she recognizes that creative people are notoriously individualistic and require the necessary tools to work out for themselves what will and won’t work for them.

Because of these adjustments, the book provides a wide range of different approaches to an even wider range of challenges—many of which emerge at various stages in an artist’s career.

What becomes so evident from working through this book is that Sam Bennett is clearly referencing a deep pool of personal experience. She obviously understands the challenges that creative people face.

In a sense, we are all creative people in the way that we approach the challenges of our daily lives and so the practical help and advice offered in this fascinating publication is not limited to just writers and artists. It has a lot to teach anyone coping with a busy and chaotic lifestyle.

Whichever approach you take in your life, you will undoubtedly find that this is a book that presents a clear pathway through the jungle of confusion and distraction that we appear to attract into our lives the moment we try to create anything unique.

As a busy writer and publisher, I found a great deal of powerful and career-enhancing information contained within ‘Get It Done’. I am sure that this is a book that will become a valuable tool in the hands of any creative and inspired artisan. It is inspiring and encouraging as well as insightful and supportive.

Along with pen and paper, paintbrush and easel, Get It Done is as important as any natural creative talent that you have. It gives you the missing link to enjoy the fruits of your labors and bring your talents into the world.



Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by PGUK, London.