Haunted by the Abyss by Sarah Soderlund

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    Haunted by the Abyss by Sarah Soderlund
  • Author: Sarah Soderlund
  • Format: Paperback


Anyone who is of the mistaken opinion that anyone who holds any sort of belief in the paranormal or the supernatural is uneducated, superstitious and uncultivated needs to consider the work of a popular psychic and paranormal investigator – one who holds a master’s degree in forensic psychology, is a licensed hypnotherapist and holistic practitioner.

Sarah Soderlund – or “Paranormal Sarah” as she is more commonly known, is that person and when you consider that the long list of paranormal subjects that she investigates includes, but is not limited to; alien abductions, poltergeist activity, exorcism, incubus/succubus experiences, and night terrors, even the harshest skeptic has to concur that given this depth of profession involvement in these subjects then even a skeptic has to admit that there has to be something in them.

Early Years

In her book ‘Haunted by the Abyss’, Sarah Soderlund reveals a wealth of personal paranormal experiences that she has had whilst exploring the world of the supernatural.

She opens her book by revealing that her awareness of the ‘otherworld’ – whilst living in an otherwise, normal and traditional home environment, began at a very early age in Parkville, Missouri.

During that time her family were deeply immersed in the Southern Baptist Church and dedicated their lives both to it and regular study of the Scriptures.

Later on her sister came to reject these orthodox teachings and diversified her interests to explore more nature-based religions; such as Wicca and Paganism.

Sarah Soderlund’s relationship with her sister along with the spiritual teachings that they shared together, were instrumental in the two of them moving deeper into the paranormal, as well as into divination and interest in the afterlife.

In her book Sarah Soderlund describes those the early psychic experiences that both sisters during their time growing up in a haunted house.

For a young Sarah, the odd events that occurred to her in the house were taken as being quite natural and part of a normal home life. It was not until she was five or six years old that she realized, after visiting other people’s houses, that not everybody’s house was quite so ‘alive and interactive’ as her own.

Spirits of the Dead

In her book Sarah Soderlund looks at a variety of topics which have interested her since the strange events of those early years.

These include investigations into psychic abilities, the use of the Ouija Board, meaning of precognitive dreams, as well a fascination with that dark realm – usually the hallway in her home, where half-seen monsters reside in the dark shadows.

Later on she deals specifically with those strange partly-manifested spirits and what she refers to as the ‘Shadow People’.

One of the spirits of the deceased who were actually welcomed into the Soderlund household was that of her beloved grandfather who passed away whilst Sarah was a teenager – though this is a story with a somewhat bizarre twist.

From earth-based spirits through to sky-based ones, Soderlund closes her book with a brief look at the UFO phenomenon.

She also explains how her sister moved on to research those inter-galactic beings the ‘Lion People’ and reveals a little more about her own alien abduction experiences.

Soderlund finally closes her book with a final telling commentary regarding the world of the paranormal and those who become involved with it.

Know yourself, know your limits, and know that the world around you has no limits. How far do you want to go down this rabbit hole…?

That’s a question we would all do well to consider!

Our Review of ‘Haunted by the Abyss’ by Sarah Soderlund

This is a difficult book in many regards for it tests the limits of what many would consider the outer edges of a rational mind.

Whether you consider Sarah Soderlund’s intuitive capacity to tune into the dark world of the paranormal to be a help or a hindrance in her life depends on your own acceptance of ‘reality’

One feels, having read her book, that it is perhaps only her academic achievements that indicate that here is a person who has adjusted admirably to the nightmares of the world that she partly inhabits.

The book itself is really well written – albeit, interestingly enough it is pitched somewhat at the skeptic and disbelieving.

I have no doubt that her recollections of her early life are real and her interpretation of their is accurate but many will have a problem reading about the utter bizarreness that appears to have infiltrated her life and followed her over the years.

However, the story told in ‘Haunted By the Abyss’ is engaging and the scenes Soderlund sets of her somewhat challenging home environment is both honest and significant to the tale.

This is a book that deserves to be read, enjoyed and respected; for it is open, honest and fascinating and anyone who has worked in area of the paranormal will immediately relate to the journey that unfolds through its pages as well as to the personal challenges that need to be overcome and the negative skepticism of those around you who perhaps do not understand or appreciate what you are experiencing.

Still, Soderlund asks for no pity or sympathy from her readers and clearly comes over in her book as a strong-willed person who enjoys her line of work immensely and who is not frightened easily – either by paranormal events or any possible logical explanation for them.

Most refreshingly, though, she also plays Devils advocate and applies a level of healthy skepticism even to her own outrageous experiences.

In this regard she is a consummate professional; for she realizes that at the end of the day there are no real explanations as to why the world of the supernatural is quite so confusing and irrational as it appears to be.

Haunted By the Abyss is an honest account of a world that scares and threatens most people. Its author is neither of those things. Instead of shying away from traditional taboos she has written a book that is a delightful account of herself as an enquiring child growing-up to follow many delicate threads left by a dark, unseen, inner-world that sometimes breaks through into mundane reality. Highly recommended!