Hop, Skip, Jump by Marney K. Makridakis

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    Hop, Skip, Jump by Marney K. Makridakis
  • Author: Marney K. Makridakis
  • Format: Paperback

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Play is the portal to presence says Marney K Makridakis, author of Hop, Skip, Jump: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life.

With that as a central premise for living a creative life, this best-selling author explores the myriad of ways that we can tease out the essential creative essence that resides within us all.

Throughout her book Hop, Skip, Jump, Makridakis promotes the idea of play being vitally important, both in our pursuit of greater creativity and as a way of improving our general levels of mental health, well-being and indeed of even staying sane!

With this in mind, her book is written as a handy resource for her readers, of any age or creative disposition, who are looking for effective ways to pursue creative fun.

The book begins with her recommendations of a number of useful tools that can aid the reader in their quest.

These includes starting a personal journal or notebook as a way of recording personal notes and observations as well as the use of some art implements, such as crayons and colored markers, to make your creative ideas standout on the paper.

Strangely, and probably most challenging of all for the more analytical readers of her book, is the inclusion of play objects in and around the home—all geared to provide a more creative working environment to brainstorm in.

Each chapter of the book focuses upon a specific approach to creative play.

They each contain fun facts or trivia about play, top 10 lists of rib-tickling humor, ‘Haikoodles’ (invitations to doodle in your notebook) and ‘AcroWhims’ (whimsical acronym)—all of which are deliberately designed to help the reader merge the worlds of play and productivity closer together.

Marney K Makridakis explains how the process of creative manifestation is comprised of three distinct phases or stages. These she calls these ‘Hop, Skip and Jump’—with each one symbolizing the various approaches we need to take in order to see a creative project through to full manifestation.

As each one presents its own unique challenges and opportunities the author explains that the way each of us interprets these three steps of attainment is very much dependant upon whether we are predominantly right or left brain orientated.

The first stage to be explained in depth in Hop, Skip, Jump is the ‘Hop’ phase. This highlights the need for the reader to create a new set of beliefs—ones that better support everything that you think, feel and do. It also calls upon some initial sort of personal celebration as a way of marking the complete success of the creative project—even before you get it under way rather than waiting until its completion.

Section two of the book is the ‘Skip’ Stage. This is point of moving or shifting your creative thoughts and ideas around within your mind and of experimenting with them in various ways.

At this stage, it is very easy to be distracted from your original goals and plans. The remedy for this is pre-planning and sequence-mapping.

In the third section, the author introduces the ‘Jump’ formula. Here, she emphasizes the need to move your dream forward into a world of action with the focus upon drawing your project through to a state of successful completion.

This requires you to move into a psychological state of thinking outside of the narrow limitations of a current mindset and to carry out repeated application of the chosen action as a prerequisite to bringing your creative project into total harmony with your projected dreams.

The book closes with acknowledgements, notes and recommended reading section.


Sometimes, we humans have the ability to overcomplicate our lives!

Here is a book that focusses upon the person rather of the process, simplifies the process of creative manifestation and dices up the process into bite-sized chunks.

Marney K Makridakis argues that play is the key to bringing about meaningful change and the style of her book very much replicates this idea. As a publication, it is heck of a lot of fun.

From its cover through to its closing pages, it is a testament to the fact that even important information and mentoring guidance, when offered in instructional manuals, can be attractive and visually engaging.

With the use of non-traditional colors for text, the addition of infoboxes, clipart and ‘sticky notes Makridakis really stretches her readers’ imagination—not only with the way that the chapters and sections are set out but also through the inclusion of simple, one-line remarks and observations, quotes and factoids.

There is a great deal to absorb here in the way of information and these visual highlights give you the chance to pause and consider the advice being given in a slower and more manageable way.

The advice offered here is grounded within the practical application of play. This non-structured approach, enables the reader to both engage more fully with life as well helps them to form a clearer perspective of the hidden, or sub-conscious realms of creative energy that you can bring into your mundane reality.

This is the key of manifesting anything that you desire and Marney K Makridakis has articulated the essence of this secret in a spectacular fashion.

All in all, Hop, Skip, Jump features a wide range of practical and playful techniques for releasing inner creative power. It should be welcomed as an authoritative and vitally significant guide for understanding the manifestation process.

Hop, Skip, Jump is an utterly delightful, uplifting and creatively well-thought out publication that encourages you to immerse yourself in its wisdom.



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