How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can by Amy B Scher

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    How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can by Amy B Scher
  • Author: Amy B Scher
  • Format: Paperback


The single most astounding aspect to spiritual work is the gradual realization that we control more aspects and elements of our lives, and to a far greater extent, than we had previously thought to be the case.

One of the core tenets of metaphysical beliefs is that we can control our reality – at least to a degree, through the way that we think about and choose to perceive our world.

We not only have an immediate impact upon the external elements of our world but also on our internal as well with the most significant area being that of our physical health.

Health and Self-Healing

In her book How to Heal Yourself When No-One Else Can, energy therapist Amy B. Scher offers  specific advice and guidance to those who recognize the mind-body connection and who might want to understand the specifics behind energy clearing and emotional rebalancing.

Scher’s book is divided into three parts. In the first the author focuses her approach to the groundwork of self-healing by introducing the concept of surrender. Tools that she recommends to aid this process includes prayer and the use of mantras.

In the second part Scher teaches her readers how to recognize and identify energy blockages through the use of muscle-testing and by learning the language of the body. Here the author states that “Your body is smart. Like, kind of genius actually. It is talking to you all the time, sending you clues and messages through its symptoms.”

Part three of Heal Yourself When No One Else Can specifically investigates that most common of all modern maladies, namely stress.

The primary forms of work included in this section includes the importance of transforming unhealthy emotional patterns, addressing the issue of fear and how to create a safe space within yourself so that healing can naturally take place without hinderance.

In concluding her look at self-healing Scher offers some final insights. Here she suggests the creation of a Healing Tree a sort of mindmap with which the reader can plan and chart their own healing work.

Here the author summarizes her advice for those readers seeking to make long-term improvements in their personal health.

She states; “You must become who you really are, learn to be easy on yourself, and love yourself, and trust that you can be OK no matter what.”

Our Review of ‘How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can’ by Amy B Scher

This is so evidently a book that was borne from the personal experiences of the author whilst she was trying to resolve her own quite serious health issues.

Books based around real practical experience have a unique resonance – of a type that you just don’t get from theoretical manuals. Thus, this is very well-rounded book and one that sort of emits its own healing aura – mainly as a result of its warm and encouraging narrative.

It is also a book that is absolutely crammed full of help, advice, practical exercises and guiding insights.

The main healing modalities that operate at the heart of Schers work is that of chakra therapy and tapping ‘EFT’ If neither if these work for you or sound attractive then this may not be the book for you. On the other hand if they are then you will undoubtedly find that the advanced work and techniques on offer here is extremely effectual.

So, in summing up, this is a book that stands head and shoulders above others of its type. With the inclusion of physiological information, personal anecdotes and general commentary on the nature of health this is definitely a book worth checking out.

Heal Yourself is a notable introduction to emotional body work one that draws upon sound metaphysical principles and offers a great deal to beginner and expert alike.