How to Talk to Angels by Lucinda Gabriel

Publication Details

    How to Talk to Angels by Lucinda Gabriel
  • Author: Lucinda Gabriel
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Date Published: March 8, 2017
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0738750484


If you remain still for a moment and listen intently within the peace that envelopes your inner space you might just occasionally detect the delicate sound of an angel whispering quietly into your ear.

If you do then you would be well advised to act upon the advice and guidance that they offer you for, as Reiki Master, author and medium Lucinda Gabriel states “Your angels and guides want to present themselves to you. They want to assist you on this journey we call life. They want you to be happy and healthy, to experience love and abundance, and ultimately to live the life of your dreams.”

Divine Guidance

In her book How to Talk to Angels Lucinda Gabriel shares with her readers real-life experiences with the angelic realm and offers insights to anyone who feels they would like to connect closely to  their own spiritual guides and helpers.

In 2003 the author experienced a personal crisis of faith and was openly looking for divine guidance. An answer came quickly in the form of a series of coincidences and interventions within her life and these resulted with her developing a deep fascination with angels and their work.

Her book is a practical guide; although the basic theory and philosophy behind angels are also covered.

For those who might be new to the subject and who might even doubt the existence of divine guardian helpers, Gabriel methodically covers the basics and gently introduces her readers to the presence of a wide range of spiritual guides; such as angels, archangels and ascended masters.

Over the following chapters the author describes various ‘claiir’ skills that you need in order to both pickup messages from angels and to create the subtle connections which enable you to communicate back to them.

Gabriel also explores the different ways that the angels speak to us. These can be through an awareness of synchronicities, the use of numbers or symbols and even via meaningful snippets of movies and songs.

Other specific skills that you can use to increase the connection includes those of divination, journaling, meditation

Creating the Dream

Health, love, job, buying a new home, selling a current one, manifesting abundance and unfolding your life path are all practical aspects of life that your angels can help you with — assuming that you are able to cultivate the personal qualities which attracts their benevolence.

In the latter part of her book Gabriel deals with specific methods for manifesting one’s most treasured goals and dreams.

Here she outlines what she sees as the five specific personal qualities that one needs to develop to manifest desires. These are the qualities of worthiness, desire, trust, imagination and gratitude.

If you do then your life can and will change in the most miraculous ways.

Our Review of How to Talk to Angels by Lucinda Gabriel

From the outset I have to say that I found How to Talk to Angels to be an exceptional book on the subject of divine guardians. Rather than resort to stereotypical analysis of the subject its author fully embraces the philosophy that angels, just like the rest of us, need to be fully employed if they are to be of service to humanity. 

So from this perspective of humbleness towards the presence of angels; but also an attitude of complete expectation that they will too fulfil their divine contract to you, this book is as much a guide to creating a good material life as it is to acquiescing to any ‘higher powers’.

Beautifully written and a total delight to read this is one of those few books on any spiritual theme that I believe can be categorically and fundamentally life-changing for any reader; no matter what sphere of spiritual work they are involved in.

Containing a rich abundance of spiritual ideas, metaphysical concepts and practical exercises How to Talk to Angels is a spectacular success with a strong sense that it was, in part at least, written with divine guidance from the angels themselves.