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Title: A Life By Request: A walk-in soul's journey from earth to heaven, and back again. A true story of love, life, and the other side
Author(s): Carolyn Jaymes
Publisher: A Life By Request
Publication Date: June 9, 2017
A Life By Request by Carolyn Jaymes

A Life by Request reads like a romance novel: neither the deepest valley nor the highest mountain can keep soul mates Carolyn and Jay apart--not even death. But nothing is fictional about Carolyn Jaymes's true story of how the love of her life returns to her from the spirit world. She discovers he never actually left her, watching over her as she labors through life, which includes a miserable marriage to Tom.

Carolyn and Jay get a second chance at life and love together when Jay takes over Tom's body as a walk-in, with Tom's permission. As Carolyn learns how souls can change places and begins to witness things that can't be explained, her doubt fades, and she comes to realize that the man who looks like Tom is indeed her Jay--and she's also blown away that she would be blessed with a second chance at love in such a miraculous way.

A Life by Request is an extraordinary story about the power of love and its ability to transcend any barrier, including the boundary between heaven and earth. If you don't believe in the spirit world and its connection to this world, you may find yourself thinking twice after reading this book.

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Review Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by author.

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