Live Your Happy by Maria Felipe

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    Live Your Happy by Maria Felipe
  • Author: Maria Felipe
  • Publisher: New World Library
  • Format: Paperback


Before she became an author and a minister, Reverend Maria Filipe was an actress, a model, and a TV sports presenter.

Following an inward calling she changed her life-direction and studied at Pathways of Light which is an accredited religious school inspired by the book A Course in Miracles – one of the most influential books of all time with Worldwide sales of over 2.5 million.

Live Your Happy is Filipe’s guide to the teachings of A Course in Miracles which she has gathered from more than twenty years spent studying and living by its teachings.

A Motivated Life

Today Cuban American Filipe is a dynamic international speaker, teacher, and minister who holds monthly services in both English and Spanish at the Unity Burbank Centre for Spiritual Awareness in Burbank, California. She has also appeared as a motivational speaker on television shows and news programs.

In the introduction to Live Your Happy she describes the process which caused her to reevaluate her previously successful career and to explore a more authentic existence instead.

In 1995 she came across A Course in Miracles and it set her upon a new trajectory in her personal and professional life.

Filipe describes the book that changed her life as providing everyone with “the inner tools to become free of bondage to the sickness of the ego, so that we can finally discover all of the power that is within us.”

In tandem with this she asserts that the power of happiness resides within us and that we need to remove all of the barriers to its expression that we have created through our lives. This, she explains, is in part achieved via the influence and guidance of the Holy Spirit through whose direction we have the opportunity to reconnect to God.

Following a divorce in 2009 Filipe found that her spiritual studies enabled her to evaluate her separation in new terms. It was through this that she learnt what she describes as “the great lessons of my spiritual life: Extraordinary gifts can be hidden in events that appear to be hard or ugly.”

That Inner Voice

In Live Your Happy the author offers a series of questionnaires to help her readers assess, or consider, their progress along their own path back to happiness. In the first of these she encourages her readers to question the impact of one’s “Big Deals” — those major events such as divorce that cause the blockages to a better expression of Self.

Once again the key here is to challenge the personal ego and to diffuse its errant beliefs and even self-defeating trickery.

Filipe sums this process up by quoting from the guidance offered by A Course in Miracles and offers advice on how to listen to the Holy Spirit. In this way she believes that you can be given the opportunity for its power to shine through you — all of which is said to be a prelude to finding and reconnecting with that deep sense of love and happiness of which we all crave.

Our Review of Live Your Happy by Maria Felipe

This is a book that draws upon the most fundamental of all spiritual and religious beliefs which is that God is Love. Without that as a basic tenet in your spiritual toolbox then this book will be of little help to you.

If you feel comfortable with the idea of a Higher Self, the existence of the Holy Spirit, and the need to negate the ego then Live Your Happy by Maria Felipe is a book that simplifies the process by which a way back to personal happiness becomes possible.

It is not a large book but for all that the principles are simple and the route that the author offers is direct. In this regard I like her writing and her presentational style which is such that the narrative within this book rattles along at a pace.

So this is effectively a book that does not break new ground and is firmly grounded in standard New Age beliefs. For this reason it does come over as a little self-indulgent in places and leaves you feeling its more ministerial than pastoral. Nevertheless it does have a certain sense of charm to it which holds the attention long enough for you to begin to appreciate its salient points.

By its conclusion I felt that it was a worthwhile read and could understand the immense benefit it might offer to, rather ironically, its non-spiritual readers; for it is a book for those who have become disillusioned with traditional religious teachings but who are still emotionally invested in its core principles.