Llewellyn's Complete Book of Divination by Richard Webster

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  • Author: Richard WebsterRichard Webster
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Format: Paperback

We all hold a curious fascination regarding the future and in these days of complex, multi-choice paths of action it is even more encouraging to think that fortune and destiny are ridimg with us.

Divination is that timeless pursuit of discovering what fate has in store for us around the corner and, for as far back as it’s possible to go in human history, different methods have been employed to see into the future.

Richard Webster is someone who understands more than most the way that psychic practice of any type works. As an author of more than a hundred books on this and related topics; plus a teacher on psychic development, he has built a worldwide respect for his work and researches.

In the Llewellyn’s Complete Book Of Divination he explores a number of different, but popular, divination systems. Most of these, such as astrology, palmistry, tarot, tea leaf reading and numerology are widely practised in the Western world and will be recognised by most readers, but in addition to these he also includes several Eastern systems such as I-Ching, Mah Jongg, Chinese astrology, and bone reading. Other even less well-known fortune-telling systems have also been included; such asaugery, egg Divination, oghams, Ifa, and bibliomancy. 

Off the Wall

Later on in his book Webster presents some brief insights into some really fringe fortune-telling systems that he has come across over the years. These include banana reading, knee reading, divination by clouds, and even toothpick reading. 

The book closes with advice on choosing the right oracle for yourself and how to prepare for divination; including advice on how to pick the best time for practising divination and setting yourself a divination ritual.

Our Review of Llewellyn’s Complete Book Of Divination by Richard Webster

Anyone involved in practical psychic practice, or indeed, any self-development work, should develop a form of divination as a working tool. Not only can it tell you a great deal about yourself but it can also reveal much regarding the machinations of heaven.

If you have not yet decided which system is right for you then Richard Webster’s extensive book may just provide some helpful guidance. 

However, as one might expect, the inevitable consequence of creating a publication that covers so many topics is that none really get explored in any great detail. Despite this, except in the case of the more obscure divination systems, the author does offer just enough information to help a beginner get started and to become semi-proficient in their chosen methodology. Despite the large number of books on the most common divination systems his sections on the I-Ching, geomancy, and the tarot are particular examples where the book shines.

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