Medium by Konstanza Morning Star

Publication Details

    Medium by Konstanza Morning Star
  • Author: Konstanza Morning Star
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Date Published: August 8, 2016
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0738748139


Those who think of mediumship as a talent only held by natural psychics may well be surprised to find that Spiritualist Medium Konstanza Morning Star believes that it is a skill that can be learnt by anyone.

Konstanza is a professional medium and has been ordained through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. Over her lifetime she has given thousands of high quality readings to those who are interested in contacting deceased friends and family members.

In her book Medium she shares her unique perspective on working as a medium and within its pages offers a step-by-step guide to communicating with the spirit world.

The Benefits of Being a Medium

In the introduction to her book Konstanza lists a number of specific benefits and rewards that she identifies as being a product of practicing mediumship. These include;

  • Increased awareness of the help we receive from inner plane guides
  • A heightened sense of joy and appreciation for life in general
  • Ability to view life’s challenges as an opportunity for personal growth
  • To offer comfort to the bereaved and lonely
  • Gain a deeper recognition of the continuation of existence after death

The Techniques

Medium takes a twin approach in the way that it teaches its readers the way of the professional medium.

Firstly, the author explains the technical aspects to the skill including metaphysical concepts that underpin the art.

Secondly, she offers the specific practical exercises that need to be followed in order to waken up the intuitive receptors that we all have as a way of making spirit world contact.

Subjects covered in the book include;

  • Looking at how mediumship works
  • How to create the sacred space needed to work safely in
  • The role that prayer takes in mediumship
  • How to work with spirit guides and helpers

Later chapters in the book reflect in greater depth upon the specific skills that are needed by those seeking to expand their mediumship work into a semi or even professional role. Here the author shares her many years of experience into the major and less important techniques for ensuring a successful and accurate professional reading.

As she explains in her concluding comments:

The path of the medium is a lifelong journey. It allows you to be a light in the life of others and to help them through some of life’s rough patches.

And who would not readily embrace the opportunity to do just that


Whilst books on general psychic development are abundant in today’s New Age marketplace; books about the practice of mediumship are not.

So it was that I approached this book with great interest – but also, I have to say with a certain degree of skepticism. This was not because I am skeptical of the world of spirit communication but because I always felt the secrets to good mediumship were always somewhat guarded by the profession.

However, I was somewhat taken back by the openness and honesty offered in this delightfully engrossing and fascinating publication.

Whilst the author does offer some great practical advice to any aspiring medium she also takes the subject several steps further forward by embracing more contemporary spiritual and psychic principles. As a result this makes the book immensely more enjoyable and insightful than might have ordinarily have been the case.

My conclusion after reading this book is that it stands tall amongst the plethora of current psychic manuals and is a information-rich reference which has been generously and expertly offered by a clearly gifted, talented medium wth an appreciatively high level of personal integrity.

Highly recommended.