Led By Light (Volume 2) by Rev. Joanna Bartlett

Led By Light (Volume 2) by Rev. Joanna Bartlett

Developing your psychic senses and mediumistic skills is not without its challenges, drawbacks, and dangers – which is a pity for, if Joanna Bartlett, author of Led By Light (Volume 2) is correct, living as an intuitive is a normal aspect to the human experience.

Given that Rev. Bartlett – as someone who, as a certified medium with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, is probably better qualified than most to offer advice and insights, her guidance and advice on how best to connect to the world of Spirit should be noted.

A Refresher on the Basics

Rev. Bartlett opens her book with a quick recap on some of the basic techniques and fundamental principles of mediumship that she covered in her earlier work, Led by Light (Book 1): which, incidentally, we also reviewed here.

In many ways the same terrain bears re-examination for it encompasses important core principles which, as the book later reveals, are vital elements of mediumship to get right if you intend to open yourself up to spiritual and ethereal beings.

Cognisant Faculties

Following the introduction Rev. Bartlett then examines the ‘clair sciences’. These are the different offshoots of psychism that any practitioner might have a natural leaning towards. They include; claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairgustance, clairalience and clairsentience and further details of these can be found in our earlier review.

The way that inner world information is channeled via each of these skills forms part of the the next chapter of Led by Light (Vol. 2) in which the author advises on the best methods for deciphering Spirit’s messages and the various significant elements contained within them.

Here the author includes examples of how the impressions and intuitive responses gleaned during a reading for someone can require some clever, insightful, detective work, thereby “…following a series of clues until you understand what’s really being communicated.”

Different Approaches

Whilst there are these various, but important, divisions to the psychic senses, there are equally significant elements to the way that mediumship is practised.

Rev. Bartlett dedicates the later sections of her book to each one of the various ways through which the communications emerge. They include rapping, materialisation, apportation, direct voice communication, automatic writing, spirit photography, dowsing, and spoon bending.

Led by Light (Vol. 2) closes with a resources section and index.

Our Review of Led by Light (Vol. 2) by Rev. Joanna Bartlett

Reading Led by Light (Vol. 2) reminds me of what a complex and multifaceted subject mediumship is. In her book, Rev. Bartlett does a good job in covering a great deal of the groundwork in a light, accessible and engaging way. This was something that was we specifically appreciated whilst reviewing book one of this series.

In this volume the author stamps her sense of identity, character, and sheer weight of experience upon a subject that can, if not be presented quite so skilfully, turn out to be dry and boring. Not so here; for the narrative carries the reader along in a timely and entertaining way.

This is a fascinating publication and my only slight criticism of this excellently produced, self-published title, is the rather abrupt end to the book’s main content. I felt some sort of conclusion or rounding-up of the extensive material (it is a large book coming in at over 360 pages) would have rounded it off in a more satisfying way from the perspective of its reader. On the other hand maybe this opens the for on a follow-up, or third title in the series?

That apart, this is a book that those who, either by luck or by design, find themselves pulled along the road to a deeper understanding and appreciation of mediumship and the subtle connection to the world of spirit. For them, reading Led by Light (Vol. 2) by Rev. Joanna Bartlett will undoubtedly be invaluable. For those who are wondering whether to explore the subject further out of idle curiosity will find it to be a valuable insight into a subject that never fails to fascinate us all.

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