Messages from a Wonderful Afterlife by Kristy Robinett

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    Messages From a Wonderful Afterlife by Kristy Robinett
  • Author: Kristy Robinett
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Format: Paperback


The faint odour of a remembered perfume, a slight tickle on the back of the neck, the unexpected smelling of a door or the tinkling of a tiny bell are all possible signs that a recently departed loved one is trying to make you aware of their continued presence.

In Messages from a Wonderful Afterlife professional psychic medium, and author of It’s a Wonderful Afterlife (reviewed here), Kristy Robinett expands upon her previous work with a collection of personal anecdotal accounts from herself, her clients, friends and families, of signs and symbolic gestures that she believes are sent across the veil from disincarnate spirits.

It seems that the dead are as keen to make connections with her loved ones as we are with them.

The Vibe

In the opening to her book Robinett explains how if we want to engage with this process we need to make systematic changes to our lives — changes that enhance the spirit connection process.

She states “By opening up to helping others, you also open yourself up to communication with the Other Side. It’s all about vibration. The more joyful and loving you feel, the more of those situations you attract.”

Specific changes that she advises we make enable close contact include; wearing bright colors, singing, exercising, eat healthy, being creative, loving yourself, relaxing and letting go.

The Transmission

Before she dedicates the greater part of her book to those personal accounts of spirit communication, Robinett catalogs the different ways in which heaven says ‘hello’ once we attune ourselves to the process of listening to them.

She explains how when we pass over to the other side we do not really experience any fundamental change to our personal characteristics. The people that we were on this side is generally the way we are on the other side; which explains why it is a fairly easy process to recognise a loved one when they do come through.

Robinett also explains how the method, or channel of communication can vary tremendously depending upon which of the traditional sentient faculties you use.

However, if this is too great a personal challenge — particularly if you are still suffering emotionally from bereavement, you might prefer to make connection with a deceased loved via a professional medium rather than through your own efforts. Here Robinett offers specific advice on the best way to do this. This includes some guidance on how best to approach a session or reading with a psychic.

However Robinett does essentially prefers the personal approach to spirit communication — which is sound advice coming from someone who stills connects with her mother via email even though she has been dead for several years.

She concludes by saying “We all have a direct connection to the Other Side – you simply have to pick up the phone to make the call and pick up the phone when you hear it ringing. And say hello.”

Our Review of Messages from a Wonderful Afterlife by Kristy Robinett

In Messages From a Wonderful Afterlife Kristy Robinett has written another delightfully engrossing and fascinating account of her unique perspective on spirit communication.

If you are a fan of her earlier work then you may find this one to be even more detailed in sharing an overall impression of the sort of mediumistic work that she is engaged in. That is not to say that her previous work was of inferior quality but with this one there is a real sense that she gets into her stride and delivers her experiences with even greater conviction and a hardened sense of enthusiasm for her work.

There is no substitute for proving the existence of the afterlife than by engaging with it; except perhaps from reading accounts by others of their own first-hand experiences of messages farom beyond the grave. In this regard Robinett’s book is as convincing as any of her earlier work on this subject. However, as good as this book is, I do heartily recommend that you read it in tandem with her earlier work. The two work together beautifully and are about as convincing as you can get that life simply continues long after our physical demise.



Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by Llewellyn, USA.