Miracle on Hammertown Road by Jim Bubba Bay

Publication Details

    Miracle on Hammertown Road by Jim Bubba Bay
  • Author: Jim Bubba Bay
  • Publisher: Hudson House Publishing
  • Date Published: June 1, 2014
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1587769542

Further Information


On November 15, 2009, Jim Bay, or Bubba as he is affectionally known, decided to spend the day metal-detecting – his favorite leisure activity. Quality finds were meagre and so he returned home. Later that evening he decided to go out for a walk – a decision that turned out to lead to a life-changing event.

It was late evening and already dark. Whilst making his way down Hammertown Road in upstate New York Bubba stumbled in the road and fell headlong into a deep ravine. For what seemed to be an eternity time stood still for Bubba as he tumbled over and over again before hitting the solid ground and finally coming to rest.

Unfortunately he landed heavily on his head and sustained serious injuries to every part of his body. He was still alive but hazy and aware that the chances of being found in this location, at this time of the night, was highly unlikely. He had to find a way out.

A True Story

In his book Miracle on Hammertown Road, Bay recounts his accident in detail. He recalls how in this precarious, barely-conscious condition he gradually became aware that he was surrounded by bright light. From it emerged a tall figure, a bearded man whom he instinctively knew to be God. At this point Bay realized that he was dying and as a consequence was in the process of crossing over into the afterlife. However, the figure that appeared then turned him back. It was clear that his life was ultimately destined to continue.

Bay eventually managed, through sheer force of will and the knowledge that God was helping him, to escape that ravine and to find help. He was subsequently rushed off to hospital where he received a full-body MRI scan and was found to have 23 broken bones, and 26 fractures; including 11 ribs and 10 vertebrae. Because of the intense pain resulting from his injuries the doctors placed him in a coma – just to give him a fighting chance of overcoming his terrific injuries. He remained in that state for seven days but then emerged to begin his long hard road to recovery.

How long did this take? What did he experience as he lay in that hospital bed considering his predicament? Did the near-death episode with God play a part in the tale he subsequently shares?

The answer to these can only be found in Bay’s personal account of his ordeal in his book Miracle on Hammertown Road.


I have deliberately avoided giving away too much of Jim Bubba Bay’s story here for fear of spoiling it for potential readers. What I can say is that it is a very personal account – one that ebbs and flows through various events in the author’s desperately dark and difficult adult life. Further recollections of his life challenges weave in and out of the book’s main narrative.

The story that Bay tells is, above all else, one of great personal faith and personal conviction. It elucidates one man’s strong commitment to the Christian faith and particularly since his close-encounter with God. The result is a well-written and skilfully presented publication which is highly grounded in honesty and integrity.

Miracle on Hammertown Road is a darkly tragic tale but one which is ultimately inspiring and uplifting. It acts as a powerful testament to a uniquely spirited man – one who has known and coped with a level of adversity that would try even the saints.