Mystery School in Hyperspace by Graham St. John

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    Mystery School in Hyperspace by Graham St. John
  • Author: Graham St. John
  • Publisher: North Atlantic Books
  • Format: Paperback


DMT, short for N,N-dimethyltryptamine, is a psychedelic compound with a rich and varied social history.

Whilst the DMT molecule is a natural substance – one that has always been found in small quantities within the human brain as well as in citrus fruits such as oranges, it was eventually synthesized back in the 1930s.

Whilst suspected of being a neurotransmitter the drug’s psychospiritual properties have been recognized by many Shamanic traditions for millennia.

Here in the West the slow awakening to the powerful occult properties of DMT are beginning to resonate with a new underground culture – one that is hungry for spiritual insight and psychedelic experience.

Society and DMT

As with any substance that has the power to effect the consciousness of society as a whole, DMT production and consumption was banned as far back as the 1960s – an act which inevitably ensured its steady rise in use by those who are drawn to surf the outer edges of what society deems to be acceptable.

Banning a substance – no matter how well-meaning the act might be, always requires vast resources to be spent by authorities in a war of propaganda against its use.

DMT, over the past couple of decades in particular, has received an exponential rise in interest regarding both its advantageous and detrimental effects from both sides of the argument.

As is so often the case when an argument polarizes, the real truth behind it becomes obscured to those who have no more than a passing interest in the subject; but whom would like a more definitive and impartial assessment.

In his book Mystery School in Hyperspace Graham St John sets out on a journey of exploration into what amounts to an alternative cultural history of DMT. He sets out to put the record straight on the drug, its properties and effectiveness in spiritual work.

In his book he points out that the real history of our cultural use of drugs is invariably written by those with a vested interest in presenting a particular political agenda – irrespective of the facts.

In truth the real impact of any drug is determined by the psychological profile of its user and cannot be predicted on a universal basis. This is particularly true of all psychedelics; any of which can as easily raise the consciousness of one user but have the potential of forcing another into a world of permanent and unrelenting hell.

St. John also suggests that DMT is one of those drugs that has the remarkable ability to open the doors to not only an internal psychospiritual domain but also to an outer, subjective reality – one that is so obscure in its content that users, whilst under the effects of the drug, often have problems finding the right words and turn of phrases to explain their experiences.

Pioneers of the DMT Experience

St John charts the work of several pioneers who have explored the effects of DMT and cataloged the strange, hyper-dimentional world that it unveils.

From beat poets through to rock musicians, magickians through to psychiatrists, the interest in the power of DMT has been explored, utlized and cataloged for all to read by several prominent figures from the past as well as some high profile names today.

In most cases they record that in the main experiences using DMT are more positive than many other synthetic chemical stimulants. It also appears that the long-term side-effects of using DMT is markedly less problematic than other psychedelics.

An Unfolding Story

In his book, St. John follows the many underground cultural threads that have continued to ensure that DMT research – both sanctioned and illicit, is progressed with despite its use receiving worldwide condemnation.

As our spiritual tradition evolves into one that is explorative of the inner planes so tools such as DMT; ones which allow quick and safe access to the inner realms, grows in popularity.

By tracing this developmental history of DMT, St John explores the effect of the drug upon the creativity and styling of the work by a number of artists, musicians, sacred activists and writers.

From William Burroughs and Timothy Leary through to Terrance McKenna and Alex Grey the subsequent cultural influence extended by many DMT users is shown to have an important and long-lasting impact upon many areas of artistry and creativity.

When you add to this list a new generation of psychic explorers all of whom are keen to reveal the mysteries of the universe – no matter how strange and peculiar they at first seem to be, then it may come as no surprise to find that DMT is often referred to as ‘The God Molecule’.

It seems that not only is DMT more culturally resolute than early psychedelic substances but that its effects upon a new generation of users is going to become increasingly profound.

Our Review of ‘Mystery School in Hyperspace’ by Graham St John

From start to finish ‘Mystery School in Hyperspace’ by Graham St John is a book that grabs the senses and throws you around in such a heady mix of strangeness and paradox that it leads you to wonder just where the explorative world of DMT is headed.

From the early use of the drug way back in the 1960s as a substance of leisure through to its application by those who use it as a way of gaining deeper understanding into the world of aliens, the Hebrew alphabet and the evolving consciousness of mankind, this is a book that is a wondrous expose of what might become a fundamentally revolutionary substance.

The author has produced a book of delectable qualities. It is a publication replete with meticulous research, written by an author with a fine gift for relaying facts and a flourishing ability to tell a story well.

For anyone who is at all interested in understanding the outer reaches of modern spirituality, the Shamanic evolution of consciousness we are all going through or who simply is interested in altered states of consciousness Mystery School in Hyperspace by Graham St. John book is a joy to read and a publication of delightful proportions Рwhich is to say it is big!.

Brilliantly produced and for the sheer size of it and the work that has gone into its production it is an extremely well-priced book one that would enhance the bookshelves of any tripster, cyber-warrior or psychohead.

Mystery School in Hyperspace by Graham St John Is an extra-ordinarily powerful and thought-provoking book. Treading the space between academic research and sheer initiatory insight its greatest success is to be found in its sheer capacity to thoroughly engross the attention of its reader. It is an essential publication in a New World of mind exploration and one which I thoroughly recommend!