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Title: Parthenogenesis: Women's Long-lost Ability to Self-conceive
Author(s): Den Poitras
Publication Date: January 17, 2015
Parthenogenesis: Women's Long-lost Ability to Self-conceive

It is said that Buddha's mother conceived her son while in a state of blissful meditation under a banyan tree. Mary conceived Jesus in more or less the same way. It's also been said that Zoroaster, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mary and Hanna, Mary's mother, and Moses (floating down a river in a basket?) plus Athena and Athena's mother, Plato, Alexander the Great, and scores more geniuses, visionaries, leaders and healers throughout history are claimed to have come about this way.

If many of the lower species can and do conceive parthenogenetically, I don't think it's too absurd or irrational to assume that humans can too. There are more questions than answers regarding this.

This book's the result of 45 years of searching, researching and contemplation. It thoroughly explores this “subject of subjects” through science, mythology, archaeology, religion, indigenous people and yes, personal testimonies.

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