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Asian Journals - India and Japan by Joseph Campbell

Asian Journals is an edited version of Campbell’s day-to-day record of the people he met and the historical places he visited in the Far East.

The Mythic Dimension: Selected Essays 1959-1987 (Collected Works of Joseph Campbell)
Title: The Mythic Dimension: Selected Essays 1959-1987 (Collected Works of Joseph Campbell)
Author(s): Joseph Campbell
Publisher: New World Library; 2 Reprint edition
Publication Date: 14 Mar. 2017

The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell presents twelve eclectic, far-ranging, and brilliant essays gathered together for the first time.

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Review Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by New World Library, Novato, CA, USA
Mythic Worlds, Modern Words by Joseph Campbell

In 1927, as a twenty-three-year-old postgraduate scholar in Paris, Joseph Campbell first encountered James Joyce’s 'Ulysses'. The novel left Campbell both intrigued and confused, as it had many others.

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Romance of the Grail: The Magic and Mystery of Arthurian Myth by Joseph Campbell (Ed. Evans Lansing Smith)

The first collection of Joseph Campbell’s writings and lectures on the Arthurian romances of the Middle Ages, a central focus of his celebrated scholarship, edited and introduced by Arthurian scholar Evans Lansing Smith, PhD.

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Jane Eyre's Sisters by Jody Gentian Bower

In Jane Eyre's Sisters: How Women Live and Write the Heroine's Story, cultural mythologist Jody Gentian Bower looks at novels by women--and some men--as well as biographies of women that tell the story of the Aletis, the wandering heroine.

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