Psychic Abilities for Beginners by Melanie BarnumPsychic Abilities for Beginners by Melanie Barnum

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    Psychic Abilities for Beginners by Melanie Barnum
  • Author: Melanie Barnum
  • Format: Paperback


Psychic abilities stir the human imagination more than almost any other skill or talent. We tend to be fascinated by others who can see the future, predict up-coming events, know what others are thinking or move objects purely through the power of the mind—all of which is rather strange, given that we are all psychic intuitives to one degree or another.

In the main, those who are chosen to live a life formed around the development and honing of their psychic abilities are often looked upon, and treated with, reverence—though, sometimes, and in some cultures more than others, they are also treated with a degree of fear and suspicion.

If you decide that the psychic life is for you and want to find out more about it, where do you go to get the right advice on the subject?

Many in the field of psychic work would argue that the best source of help will be from an established psychic practitioner (someone who has worked through the various stages of development and who has had a good grounding in all of its various aspects).

Melanie Barnum has worked as an intuitive psychic for more than fifteen years and in her book, Psychic Abilities for Beginners, she offers deep insights, practical advice and helpful guidance on how to become a psychic—information that she has drawn from her time as a psychic medium, intuitive counsellor, life-coach and hypnotist.

Barnum begins her book with a specific underpinning of what a psychic is, and does, as well as offering a little background into her own style of spiritual work.

She begins by introducing the all-important core concepts of psychic protection as a necessary perquisite to opening up to other energy fields. She also talks about the sometimes contentious issue of personal spiritual and religious beliefs as they apply to psychic work.

Of course, not every psychic is skilled in every area of the intuitive arts. The author recognizes this and suggests that, as an initiate, you begins your work by starting a personal journal to include thoughts, ideas and impressions about your newly emerging psychic interests.

She suggests that you then decide for yourself the relevance, or otherwise, of each of the ‘clair-‘ sciences, those such as clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairscentience.

What exactly are these and how do they work?

The author dedicates the next section of her book to looking at each psychic ability in turn.

In the first of these, she examines clairvoyance. At this point, she establishes the format for subsequent chapters in that it contains many of her own anecdotal stories, powerful practical exercises and personal commentaries on how the particular skill works and manifests in a psychic’s armory of skills.

Subsequent chapters deal with clairaudience (the art of hearing psychically), clairscentience (psychic feeling or sensing), claircognisance (intuitive knowing), clairgustance (psychic tasting), clairalience (psychic smelling) and clairangency (psychic touching).

Whilst some of these might appear strange and unfamiliar to a beginner, the next chapters cover the more recognizable arts of telepathy and psychokinesis.

For those fortunate to be blessed with more than one psychic talent, Melanie Barnum dedicates a subsequent chapter to the process of combining several senses.

Of course, some psychics utilize specific divination tools as an aid to their process of information transference from other realms. In covering this, the author takes you on a brief tour of the various methods that are commonly employed by psychics to help their readings.

She closes out by summing up the key points contained in her book; which finally concludes with a bonus chapter about reincarnation and past lives, a bibliography and suggested reading.


Unless you are a natural psychic (someone born into a family of previous generations of seers and fortune-tellers), you will need some expert guidance regrading the opportunities, dangers, pitfalls and dizzy heights to which psychic work can take you.

It is not a path for the feint-hearted and is a decidedly dangerous one for the merely inquisitive to take!

In Psychic Abilities for Beginners, Melanie Barnum has produced a book that has been, for a very long time now, missing from bookshops.

Many titles deal with psychic development but few are quite so comprehensive, or enjoyable to read, as this one!

In fact, in every regard, this is a large book. Physically, it is nearly 300 pages in length but its sheer weight of information makes it appear much larger than this.

The book’s title is, however, a little disingenuous to its author in that it actually approaches, and then moves well beyond, the introductory basics of psychic work.

It ought to be judged as something of an advanced manual, given that it is so full of rich nuggets of invaluable advice—the sort of guidance that you would ordinarily only ever gain after many decades of intensive psychic work.

As a book, its overall tone of writing is highly engaging and thoroughly readable. Whether you know anything about the various psychic subjects that it covers or not, the sheer amount of anecdotal stories make this a thoroughly fascinating and deeply enjoyable read.

If you are looking for personal guidance on how to understand the psychic arts, ‘Psychic Abilities for Beginners’ will offer you a depth of practical help not offered by similar publications… in fact, this is a book that will delight psychic intuitives of any level of accomplishment.