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The Master of Speech by Shannon Dorey

The Master of Speech deciphers the ancient mythology of the Dogon, an isolated African tribe who live along a 200-kilometre stretch of escarpment called the Cliffs of Bandiagara near Timbuktu.

The French anthropologist Griaule recorded the Dogon mythology in 1947 in his book, Conversations with Ogotemmêli.

The Dogon had knowledge of the triple star Sirius system that was told to Griaule long before modern astronomers discovered the third star in the system in 1995.

The Dogon told Griaule they had obtained their knowledge from amphibious beings who came to Earth from the Sirius star system. After extensive analysis of this mythology, Dorey reveals that these alien beings called Nummo were responsible for human creation through genetic engineering. She further proves that their contact with the Earth resulted in the evolution of most of the world's major religions. The Master of Speech focuses on the connections between paganism, Christianity, and the Greek and Egyptian mythologies.

It reveals the connection of the Zodiac to this mythology and refers to the destruction of the Earth as told in Plato's Timeas relating to Atlantis. It talks about the human unconscious and our relationship to time and immortality.

The information presented in this book will be disturbing for some individuals. The facts however speak for themselves. This is a must read for anyone wanting to come to terms with the truth about the beginning of human existence.

Our Review of 'The Master of Speech by Shannon Dorey'

In 1976 academic researcher Robert K Temple published his contentious theories regarding an East African tribe from Mali known as the Dogon and their assertion that they had been in contact with extra-terrestrials.

His book, The Sirius Mystery has created a great deal of interest and criticism over the decades from various groups and academic bodies. Of course, as one might expect, mainstream historians , scientists and anthropologists have seen very little merit in Temple's work - a book which they conclusively and fairly unanimously declare to be a work of fiction.

The arguments regarding the authenticity of the material that the Dogon tribe presented to the original explorers Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen between 1931 and 1950 continually to be hotly debated today with many people citing other possible sources for the deep astronomical, biological and scientific information that the Dogon professed to have obtained from their Sirian visitors.

Given all of the false, confusing and erroneous material that has been disseminated across the internet regarding the Dogon and their ethnic roots it seems almost impossible to try and unravel the truth behind the story of the Dogon and their supposed astral visitors. Anyone trying to do so will, almost invariably, step into a cultural minefield.

To many people, myself included, the authenticity of the Dogon story, their myths and spiritual beliefs are paramount if we are to make any sort of headway into proving that extra-terrestrials have indeed visited our planet during its ancient past and that they seeded mankind with vital information that has led the human race to develop in very specific ways.

Given the issues involved in this debate it is a brave soul that steps forward centre stage to present a serious and well-considered debate on the Dogon story but this is where researcher and journalist Shannon Dorey enters to present her 12-year research into this mysterious tribe to present her own understanding of Dogon beliefs, their symbolic teachings and esoteric knowledge.

A Dogon Trilogy

The Master of Speech is the first of three books about the Dogon by Shannon. In this one (which, incidentally, has been updated several times over the years), the author investigates important topics related to specific areas of Dogon myth such as those pertaining to the genetic engineering of humans as taught through Dogon tribal leader Ogotemmêli.

Whilst much of the original source material from back in the 1930s, 40s and 50s is somewhat veiled in mythology and allegory Shannon does a very effective job in presenting the core Dogon ideas to the reader in a very readable and engaging way. Indeed, throughout 'The Master of Speech' she examines the ideas presented by the Dogon philosophy in some depth and considers them within the context of broader historical and cultural beliefs from history.

As the story weaves a path between the accounts given by Ogotemmêli and our more Western interpretation and understanding of the material one is slowly and delightfully drawn into an extra-ordinary story that compliments, and yet far exceeds, Robert K Temple's original research.

Piece by piece The Master of Speech forms a rich tapestry that reveals an extra-ordinary world - one that leaves the reader gasping for breathe at key points in the book.

By the end one is left firmly convinced that whilst the story of extra-terrestrial contact with Sirians is still largely unproven one simply has to ask 'Where the heck did an essential primitive cave-dwelling nation comprised of only a few hundred people come by such far-reaching and paradigm-shifting ideas if not from some much older, wiser and more spiritually-developed source?'

The Master of Speech is an important contribution to the Sirius Mystery and I thoroughly look forward to reading the other two books by Shannon on the same subject.

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