Seeking Jordan by Matthew McKay PhD

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    Seeking Jordan by Matthew McKay PhD
  • Author: Matthew McKay PhD
  • Publisher: New World Library
  • Date Published: March 15, 2016
  • Format: Paperback


Jordan McKay died a violent and seemingly pointlessly tragic death at the hands of unknown assailants one night in Sans Fransisco.

This young man, who was known for his earthy sense of humor, musical prowess and fascination with the Stock Market, had everything to live for which made his passing even more tragic and senseless.

At 02:00AM on September 17 – the exact moment Jordan died, Mauchi, his former friend and employer, awoke to sense the strong sense of the deceased spirit of Jordan close to his bed. The following night, Jordan’s friend, Eli, also awoke to the strong presence of Jordan in his bedroom. Following that, just four days later, Elena, who was a friend of Jordan’s older sister, also awoke with a strong sense of unconditional love which she recognized and knew came from Jordan.

To those that knew him and understood his methodology, these were all signs that Jordan was attempting to make contact with all members of his family and close friends -those who had been close to him during the course of his life. Throughout these contacts, the message that came through from Jordan was that he was safe, well, and happy in his afterlife.

By making contact, he deeply touched their lives in ways that all found to be both fascinating as well as challenging to their beliefs.

A Journey Into Another World

Jordan’s father, Matthew McKay, recalls, in detail, his own experiences as they unfolded following his son’s death. His book Seeking Jordan opens with him describing the emotionally-crippling effect that Jordan’s passing had on him.

Motivated by his deep need to discover whether his son still existed in spirit, McKay embarked upon a series of sessions with Allan Botkin (an expert from Chicago who specializes in ‘induced after-death communication’).

It was during Matthew McKay very first session with Botkin that he made that all-important audible contact with Jordan. Once again, the spirit of the young man expressly assured his father that he was still in contact with his father—albeit, he was now living on a different plane of reality.

Proof of the Eternity of Life

In his book, Matthew McKay traces not only the threads of philosophical debates that surround the afterlife experience but also the nature of the continued family connections that are sustained during the course of many lifetimes.

Through his continued exchanges with his deceased son, the author presents a perspective on the afterlife and the conditions that greet a spirit once they pass-over. For some souls, the initial arrival requires a period of adjustment and recovery before they can fully settle in to their new ethereal surroundings.

Other early activities for a newly-arrived spirit include a full assessment of the previous life on earth and deeper knowledge of the larger Soul Group of which they are a member.

This, according to the author, also includes the necessary formulation of plans for subsequent incarnations.

A Continuing Relationships

As the story of the connections between father and son continue, so a series of lifetimes spent together in various types of relationships begins to unfold.

In summarizing the eternal play of death and rebirth, Jordan states in his father’s book, “And when this life is over, when you return to me in the spirit world, we’ll show each other what we’ve learned We’ll hold it so it will never be lost. Then we’ll go out again to take our parts in a new play, with new lessons.”

Such is the eternal power of the binding force of love.

Our Review of ‘Seeking Jordan’ by Matthew McKay

The tragic loss of a son at such an early age robbed Matthew McKay of many years watching his son grow into a fully-matured man. On the other hand, it also opened for him a new perception of life and the process of death along with a remarkable opportunity to understand the nature of the afterlife.

The purpose behind Jordan’s attempt to contact his former acquaintances appeared, at first, to be simply a desire to assure them that he was OK. However, his communications eventually resulted in a book of conversations with his father that drills down into the very heart of the metaphysical principles that play through our lives and even through subsequent incarnations.

Although the book does not really offer much to those who are well-versed in spiritual teachings, it will act as a major revelation to those who are unaware of the cycles of life, death and rebirth along with the laws of karma and reincarnation that govern us throughout this and subsequent lifetimes of soul learning.

Seeking Jordan is a short but fast-paced account of a life that was not waisted in the conventional sense but which appeared to have been orchestrated according to Divine Plan – with the specific intention of helping readers to understand that every life, no matter how long or short, has a vitally important function to play in the grand scheme of things.

Those who feel that they are being contacted by deceased loved ones will draw much from this book that explains the challenges that the dead face when trying to make contact with the living. For many just knowing that the dearly departed are safe and sound is sufficient but for others the knowledge that there is a afterlife opens up profound and challenging questions. This is the important legacy that father and son McKay have left us and it is a valuable contribution indeed!



Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by New World Library.