Shapeshifters by Nick Redfern

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    Shapeshifters by Nick Redfern
  • Author: Nick Redfern
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Format: Paperback


Stories of shape-shifting humans and animals have filled folklore and mythology throughout history. They form part of the myths of our land and the fairy tales that we tell our children. In his book Shapeshifters intrepid paranormal researcher Nick Redfern digs deep into the topic and reveals many strange, and often bizarre, aspects to the subject.

He opens his book with reports of the best-known shapeshifting creatures, the Werewolf,. As an example of many of the appearances that have been noted of this creature he cites the case of a hairy, humanoid figure with a wolf”s head, which appeared regularly to the residents of the small town of Defiance, Ohio in 1972. This spate of appearances so alarmed the town” citizens that children were kept indoors after school.

Eerily Creepy

Throughout his book, Redfern shares some of the reports he has gathered from around the World of a variety of creature-like beings that momentarily and unexpectedly appear, reek fear amongst the locals, only to disappear again back to where they came just as quickly.

He notes that some, such as the Donkey Woman Of San Antonio, Texas, seem to be based on, or around ancient bridges. The Man-Monkey Of Shropshire, England is another good example of this bridge-based phenomenon.

Moving from creatures of the land Redfern then investigates shape-changers connected to water. This includes the Scottish kelpie, or water-horse, English river monsters, as well.

Canine Chills

It seems that in addition to the wolf, dogs of differing varieties feature heavily in the world of shape-shifting animals. These include weredogs appearing in a variety of ways and locations  which includes the odd case of a massive dog seen in Devon in 2007 and which was actually witnessed changing form as it moved along.

From animals that change shape, and even species, Redfern takes a look at another common shapeshifting character from history, the Witch and her familiar which is traditionally been seen as a black cat. This extends naturally into the very modern phenomena of Black Cats -panther-like creatures which have been seen, and photographed in increasing numbers throughout the United Kingdom in recent years.

Later examples of strange creature sightings in his book include fairies, aliens, Bigfoot, djinn, Men in Black, Black-Eyed Children, and many more.

As Redfern sums up in the conclusion to his book Shapeshifters are not our friends. They are not here to help us, even if they assure us they are. Avoid them at all costs. Or else.

Our Review of Shapeshifters by Nick Redfern

In Shapeshifters Nick Redfern does what he does best and that is to present his readership with a catalog of spine-chilling accounts of some extremely bizarre events. This latest collection is a fascinating, if not downright confounding, collection of experiences some people have had with the bizarrist of creatures.

Some of these accounts come from the author’s own research notes whilst others have already been more broadly documented in other publications. Together they offer an interesting and beguiling mix.

Shapeshifters will be enjoyed with anyone who is has a leaning towards the paranormal and its offshoots; subjects such as cryptozoology and alien encounters in its broadest sense and definition. If you are simply fascinated by the weird and wonderful, strange and unnerving, then Shapeshifters is a book that will be a thorough pleasure to digest and to try and get your head around!