Spiritual Balancing by Diana Burney

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  • Author: Diana Burney
  • Publisher: North Atlantic Books
  • Format: Paperback

Not so very long ago it used to be the case that devotion to the spiritual life was a path that we could consciously choose to take if we so wished.This is no longer the case.

With new streams of cosmic energy flooding our planet in ever-increasing and diverse ways everybody is being lifted -somewhat begrudgingly in some cases, into a completely new state of consciousness.

As registered nurse, certified hypnotherapist and certified Reiki Master Diana Burney states in the opening to her book ‘Spiritual Balancing’ As these higher frequencies of Light rapidly intensify, they are creating alchemical changes within our existing structures. This process is quickly changing the fundamental foundations if our planet, human bodies, psyches, consciousness, and DNA.

Full Awakening Consciousness

The potential for society, should enough people embrace these changes, is astounding but before we reach that point which Burney refers to as the New Earth, each of us has a trial by fire to go through first.

‘Spiritual Balancing’ has been written as a workshop manual for those who require help and guidance in coming to terms with the changes that are taking place within themselves. For many people these changes can be strange and challenging but fighting them leads only to an increased resistance to their transformative power.

In her book, Burney approaches spirituality from a very practical and pragmatic direction. She begins her look at modern lightwork by revealing the specific symptoms that can arise within somebody who is entering the transforming process.

For those who think that spiritual awakening is a romantic and light-affirming process this list, with its inclusion of some of the darker aspects to change such as extreme tiredness, confusion, anger, fear and physical pain, will undoubtedly come as a surprise to many.

Dealing With the Fallout

Burney follows up her discourse on symptoms of change with specific advice regarding how to cope with the whole ascension process. Once again she highlights the symptoms often experienced by those going through the Ascension process. This often creates both internal and external stresses which need to be dealt with.

At this point in her book Burney introduces some specific practical advice regarding diet, sleep patterns, clearing your astral living space, invoking the archangels and forming protective barriers at an astral level.

Later she introduces to the reader the timeless influence of the great Master St Germain and his channel of the Seventh Ray of Violet Fire.

Once again specific practical advice is offered to help the reader to invoke the power of the Violet Fire as an aid to clearing.

Spiritual Power Tools

Psychic unfoldment and spiritual transformation are very closely linked and in chapter seven Burney describes several specific tools that can be used to aid the unfolding process.

These include visualization, mantras, use of dreams, use of flower essences, aromatherapy, gems and stones.

Another very essential aspect of spiritual development is that which is referred to as the quality of the Soul expression that we bring into our lives. Very often, though, our Soul dynamic is fractured, broken or discarded as a result of traumatic life experiences.

Burney dedicates a section of her book to this important subject with a checklist of Soul-loss symptoms and even includes a handy assessment procedure to determine what and how much of your Soul has splintered off.

With further specific techniques for dreamwork, meditational practices, chakras etc. ‘Spiritual Balancing’ drives its message of personal spiritual lightwork through to an advanced assessment of deep transformative energy work.

As the author explains in her concluding pages, spiritual transformation is a long, hard and difficult process that requires constant application to the process and an open heart able to accommodate the new directions life takes you in as a result.

Our Review of ‘Spiritual Balancing’ by Diana Burney

‘Spiritual Balancing’ is not so much a book written for those wondering whether to step iff into the path of spiritual change but instead is written for those who are already on their way.

Thus, the exercises, guidance and instruction tends to be focused upon those readers who are, to a degree, conversant with a lit if the subjects and ideas that the author calls upon.

Sometimes this approach fails and the author makes the assumption that her techniques will work for all. This is not the case and in the chapter on the Use of Seventh Ray energies is fine and works well if you are a Seventh Ray Soul. Not everybody is and a more detailed explanation of the Rays, their qualities and application would have made the advice more universally useful. This also goes for information about the Great Masters which, once again, is rather limited in scope.

However, despite these rather important failings and its occasional tendency to drift into fluffy New Age practices – ideas that that are good neither for man nor beast, this is an excellent advanced manual on lightwork.

It clearly has been written by someone with a first hand appreciation of the ascension process and the fight that all lightworkers need to engage in just to be able to stay resonant with the powerful changes that take place within the inner psyche.

So, with some caveats as to its occasional glossing-over of important details this is publication that many will find invaluable when coping with their own Ascension process. We all evolve at different rates and in different ways and this is a practical workbook that takes the lead in explaining the root cause behind emotional and psychospiritual changes that take place as we embark upon our own unfolding processes.

‘Spiritual Balancing’ highlights the oftentimes challenging work of ascension and spiritual transformation in a very grounded and practical way. Many in today’s spiritual movement will find it indispensable.

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