Subtle Energy Techniques by Cyndi Dale

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    Subtle Energy Techniques by Cyndi Dale
  • Author: Cyndi Dale
  • Series: Cyndi Dale Essential Energy Library
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Format: Paperback


There is no doubt that the previously deep-seated divisions between materialism and spirituality have eroded greatly over the past couple of decades. This has mainly come about through their joint acceptance of the premise that everything in our physical world is formed from energy.

Where the two belief structures do differ is in the fact that all forms of spirituality are heavily invested in the idea that reality can be moulded through the intervention of consciousness upon it.

Whilst science accepts everything is composed of minutely-sized atomic particles with no inherent sense of consciousness in the sphere of spirituality there is a universal acceptance that energy can be acted upon very effectively through the application of the mind.

However, even these opposing ideas are fast becoming reconciles with Quantum physics starting to accept that atoms can be directed and controlled simply through the state of consciousness of their observer — something that magick and mysticism has long since accepted as being a fact.

Energy in Action

Energy manipulation is, of course, the foundation upon which a great deal of most self-healing modalities are founded. Someone who is an expert on the subject of energy manipulation is internationally renowned author and healer Cyndi Dale.

In her book Subtle Energy Techniques she explores the world of energetic healing with a focus upon the various ways in which our delicate energy systems operate in and the personal auric fields that hold them in place.

This, in a sense, is only the beginning of an entrance into a complex and delicate web of symbiotic connections that not only impact greatly upon our health and sense of vitality but which also impacts upon the type of relationships that we have and even to the whole direction our lives move in.

Over ten chapters of advice and insight Dale covers both traditional areas of energy work such as Chakras as well as some less well-known features of self-healing such as the ability to work with a form of the power of the Universal Spirit that she refers to as Healing Streams of Grace.

It seems that with a little knowledge and practical application we have the ability to radically improve every aspect of our lives. If we truly are all living in a sea of energy through which we steer ourselves then it only makes sense to ensure that the path remains clear and operational at all times.

Our Review of Subtle Energy Techniques by Cyndi Dale

With anecdotal stories of healing successes using personal energy manipulation or the application of universal energy, exercises that enable the reader to tap into subtle energy forces as well as references to higher esoteric principles Subtle Energy Techniques acts as a rich collection of esoteric concepts and ideas.

It is actually a delightfully produced publication — not that that counts for anything if the content does not match it. In this case I am pleased to say that it definitely does and that within its pages can be found a veritable treasure trove of esoteric practices a number of approaches to lightwork and energy manipulation — both of which leads to self-healing and improvements in every area of life.

However, for me this book really stood out for all the small, additional connections that form around energy work. In particular I enjoyed the author’s ideas on cording, past-life influences and even present-day ancestral karma. Many similar treatises on the subject pass over these additional, but important aspects to energy work.

Subtlety has to be the key feature to close energy work for this is a world that fools can stumble around in and cause havoc through their ignorance and stupidity. In Subtle Energy Techniques Cyndi Dale offers timeless help, advice and guidance in the most delicate, safe and non-challenging way. For this reason it is a particularly fascinating publication and one that we enthusiastically recommend to anyone who is interested in understanding the true nature of the fabric of life that makes up our delicate reality.