Tails From the Afterlife by Kristy Robinett

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    Tails From the Afterlife by Kristy Robinett
  • Author: Kristy Robinett
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Date Published: March 8, 2018
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0738752174


Just as you cannot destroy energy, you cannot destroy love. When your pets cross over, they wait for us to join them, but they also can connect with us in different ways before that time and sometimes to save us.

With those insightful and encouraging words taken from her book Tails From the Afterlife professional psychic medium Kristy Robinett explains how although our pets leave us physically we can still remain closely connected to them once they are gone.

Robinett is the author of several books on the subject of the afterlife, including It”s a Wonderful Afterlife and Messages From a Wonderful Afterlife, both of which look at the nature of heaven and the world we inhabit upon our eventual demise.

The Heaven Chronicles

In Tails From the Afterlife Robinett offers several first-hand accounts of personal messages and inspirational communications that are said to have been received by humans from their former animal companions.

In the opening of her book the author explains the various stages of adjustment all recently deceased human spirits are obliged to go through in their acclimatization of their new environment. She compares this to a very similar process that animals also have to undertake before possibly being re-united with former owners.

In the case of owners who are still alive, the spirits of animals very often then turn their attention back to their former guardians with concerted attempts to ensure them that they are in fact still very much alive – albeit on a different level of consciousness.

A significant part of Tails From the Afterlife features stories and accounts specific to the type of signs that deceased pets tend to send to their owners. Pets express this in a variety of ways. They can appear in the dreams of their owners, fleetingly become visible in the imagination of those psychically sensitive enough to detect them, or, in extreme cases, even manifest to full visible experience.

Robinett concludes her collection of real-life accounts with practical advice on how you can help your pet transition to the other side should they be so ill that they need to be put to sleep. She follows this with a number of ways we can help friends and acquaintances who are grieving the loss of their deceased pets animals before concluding with a list of specific signs that pets commonly offer us from their position on the other side.

It seems that most of our animal companions continue to live on in spirit as full of caring commitment and unwavering devotion to their owners as they did in life.


Losing a pet is a traumatic experience and the sense of despair that many pet owners experience following the death of their animal friends can be as great as that of losing a relative or close family member. Knowing that our animal companions are at least well and at ease, living their new life on the other side free from pain, can be greatly comforting.

Tails From the Afterlife is a delightful publication – one twinged with an undercurrent of sadness but at the same time both encouraging and optimistic.

As is the case with Robinett other books about death the author once again demonstrates here that same sense of deep compassion and empathy that she has towards her readership; many of whom, I am quite sure, are drawn to her publications following the personal loss of a loved one. In this instance it is pets rather than people who get the treatment but in many case the evidence that she presents in this book regarding the continuation of conscious in all sentient life forms after death – both animal and human, is compelling.

Death is hardest on those left behind but in Tails From the Afterlife Kristy Robinett offers a thread of comfort and encouragement to those who have been parted from their beloved animals. The clear message one can take from this fascinating book is that we do have the opportunity to remain connected to our pets, even after their death, and that we may even be given the opportunity to meet and greet them one more time.



Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by Llewellyn Publications, USA.