Tapping Into Wellness by Kathilyn Solomon

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  • Author: Kathilyn Solomon
  • Format: Paperback

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique TM, is an innovative healing technique that is proving to be an effective practice for the healing of emotional and psychological problems that have become stored as dead energy within the human body.

For those new to this technique the practice is centered upon repetitive tapping of the fingers on primary energy points within the body. In many ways EFT uses the same meridian pressure points that are used in traditional acupuncture and with similar results.

It has become extremely efficacious in healing the core symptoms of conditions such as personal trauma, fear and old physical wounds. Not only is it effective in healping humans but EFT has been applied successfully to animals and pets.

Out of Necessity

Professional EFT practitioner Kathilyn Solomon originally became interested in tapping therapy after her prolonged and frustrated years suffering from fibromyalgia – a condition that is hard to cure using conventional western medicine.

She explored the potentials offered by EFT and began tapping herself. Within a very short space of time her symptoms faded away and she was able to stop taking the medication prescribed for her.

This initial success led her to become more deeply interested in the EFT method. Today she is one of a small number of EFT practitioners who has earned the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology’s practitioner credential.

In her book Tapping into Wellness Solomon explains how, as a result of traumatic experiences in our lives, we tend to trap memories of those life-changing occurrences deep within our muscles. If left unresolved this energy can create years of physical problems.

To restore health back to every part of a sufferers life EFT works to release this energy and to encourage the emergence of a more natural state of balance.

Tapping into Wellness is fore-mostly a practical manual on the use and application of the EFT technique. In it Solomon describes the energy makeup of the human body, how the life-force naturally flows around it, identifies the key tapping locations and offers simple practices for the beginner to ease their way into applying EFT on themselves.

Later on she introduces more complex practices and specific approaches geared to resolve specific issues. These include specific methodologies that augment and strengthen the EFT process.

Naturally, a beginner to the EFT technique will have questions arise regarding their healing work. The author has recognized this by including a section of her book devoted to answering the most commonly asked questions related to tapping.

Common Tapping Topics

In part two of her book, Solomon addresses common psychological issues that we face in our daily lives. These include self-sabotage, stress, physical health, phobias, weight issues, loss and grief.

She reveals how tapping exercises designed to clear the related energy centres work as well as offering advice on what sort of results to expect. She also covers methods for working with the issues that arise from regular tapping practice.

The book closes with a number of appendixes of additional material; including finger diagrams and resources – all of which makes this a publication that addresses all the major aspects of EFT practice.

Our Review of ‘Tapping Into Wellness’ by Kathilyn Solomon

I must admit to not having worked with EFT in any extensive capacity before reading Tapping into Wellness. I do know that it is becoming an extremely popular form of therapeutic practice. So, in many ways I guess, I am just the sort of person for whom this book was designed – a newbie with no understanding of the subject but with an open interest in its potential for self-healing.

In this regard I must say that as an introductory guide to EFT the book fulfilled its function well.

It is a well written narrative and as a book and is a carefully thought-out publication as a whole. It is one that appears to cover all those areas of the subject that somebody like myself would be interested in finding out more about.

However whilst it covers these basics in its early stages, later on it explorres more complex and advanced tapping techniques making it more than just a simple introductory guide.

I felt that its choice of ailments was excellent and that the inclusion of practical approaches to self-healing was outstanding which means that I can only give Tapping Into Wellness a thoroughly well-deserved and positive thumbs-up for its clear, concise and authoritative examination of a modern approach to self-healing.

Tapping Into Wellness explores in a most engaging and fascinating way the EFT method. It also demonstrates why it is that its author, Kathilyn Solomon, is one of its leading practitioners in the world today.

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