The Art of Spiritual Healing by Keith Sherwood

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    The Art of Spiritual Healing by Keith Sherwood
  • Author: Keith Sherwood
  • Format: Paperback


Energy healing is founded upon a number of core principles. These include a working knowledge of the human aura, the way in which chakras or vortices of energy regulate energy flow and most importantly the universal principles that determine the way that energy manifests and operates in our lives.

Working knowledge of how all of these dynamics inter-operate used to be the provenance of advanced adepts with many years training but the whole subject – like so many other areas of spirituality, has been accessible to us all.

A Manual for New Understanding

Keith Sherwood is an internationally known teacher, healer and author who originally wrote his book The Art of Spiritual Healing more than thirty years ago. Much has changed in the world of alternative healing techniques during that time and so the book has been updated and republished for another generation of readers who are keen to understand a little better the nature of energy ealing and personal energy dynamics.

The contents of The Art of Spiritual Healing has been divided into four parts. Each one deals in-depth with a specific aspect of healing work and are as follows.

Part One – Introduction to Spiritual Healing and Analysis

In this first section Sherwood explains a little about the core principles related to the work ahead. Here he introduces the connections between our energy fields and consciousness. He reveals how the energy centers are effected by breathing and the way in which hand gestures, or mudras, effect the flow of pranic energy or chi through the subtle body.

Part Two – Self-Healing, Absentee Healing and Layon on of Hands

The following section opens with an examination of prana – that subtle energy, available to all living things, that can be channelled and absorbed by us to beneficial effect.

Here the author reveals specific techniques for directing this energy into diseased areas of the body using such techniques as eye gazing or, in the case of healing others from a distance via the use of visualiztion technologies such as remote viewing.

Part Three – Healing Your Soul and Spirit

According to Sherwood our ability to heal is not just determined by our understanding of the metaphysical principles involved. Other forces can come into play and as a result make a major impact upon both the disharmony being experienced as well as our ability to restore internal balance to our bodies.

One of those the author refers to is that plays a singularly significant role in the effectiveness of healing is that of karma and in his book Sherwwod explains both what it is and the way in which it operates within our lives. Here he describes karmic baggage as ‘….the principle source if both suffering and disease.’

In order to clear this type of energy blockage he states that “The importance of pleasure, love, and intimacy as well as a continuous radiation of healing energy and consciousness in one’s life cannot be overstayed.”

Part Four – Restoring Wellness

In the final section of his book Sherwood explains how wellness comes as an extension of the etheric energy that we radiate from deep within ourselves. He explains how our dharma is intrinsically connected to our ability to do just this.

Dharma is described by the author as being the specific life path that underpins our life experience. In sense this refers to our ability to live out our specific destiny.

A second key aspect to wellness is determined by our connections to others and the love that we are able to eject into the world.

Finally, the book concludes with specific advice on health, diet and meditation – all geared towards aiding the act if spiritual healing.

Our Review of The Art of Spiritual Healing by Keith Sherwood

The very fact that this publication is being rereleased after so many years reveals something about its inherent qualities as a practical manual on healing.

Is it out-dated as a result? No, not a bit of it for this is still a very relevant and leading-edge treatise on eastern principles of healing work.

Throughout Sherwood does a great job of presenting the complex subject of energy work in a very clear and non-challenging way. The use of hand mudras somewhat surprised me and I would have like to have learnt more about them but hey, this book is an embarrassment of esoteric riches as it is!

The Art of Spiritual Healing also successfully navigates an area that weaves between basic and advanced levels of teaching and for this I feel it has much to offer to everyone. With good illustrations, excellent practical exercises and engaging commentary regarding the work involved I can think of very few other books on the subject that is quite so inclusive or readable.