The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkin and Carola Eastwood

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    The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkin and Carola Eastwood
  • Author: Chetan ParkinCarola Eastwood
  • Format: Paperback


The life that you are meant to lead is written in the stars – or so they say!

However for Chetan Parkin and Carola Eastwood – teachers and consultants of the Human Design System, the key to our personal destiny can be revealed not so much through the traditional constellations of the Zodiac but more specifically by the Sun and the angle that it makes to the Earth at the exact moment that your enter life.

In their latest book The Book of Destinies the authors offer a simple formula for identifying the portal through which destiny manifests. These are formed around 192 Life Themes; one of which is said to detail the exact path that you are destined to follow in your life time.

Life Chart

The Book of Destinies opens with an explanation of their simple divination system, a brief personal account of how the authors discovered it, and exact details on how the reader can generate their own Human Design Life Chart – the core blueprint for making the system work.

Obtaining your own Life Chart is easy to do simply by visiting their website, inputting your own birthdate details; those such as the time and place that you were born etc., into a form and then by downloading a copy of the generated chart for viewing offline.

Once the reader is armed with their own chart they can reference the book where they are able to read a page long interpretation of their Solar key. This, it is said, denotes the exact qualities that formulate their unique life path.

Our Review of The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkin and Carola Eastwood

As an ex-professional astrologer I am always keen to learn about any new facet to the subject of mankind’s relationship with the wider Universe and Solar System and so I approached this rather new interpretation of the subject of the Sun degree with some anticipation.

I was particularly keen not to just read this book for review but to actually test the effectiveness and accuracy of the system outlines in The Book of Destinies.

Firstly I took the author’s advice and visited their rather attractive and highly professional website and inputted my personal birth details. Within a couple of minutes a chart was calculated form me which I received by email. 

(At this point it should be noted that the report you receive is very limited as a feee download and that a fuller one is available for additional cost. I should also mention that by using their website you inevitably end up being added to their mailing list and as a result receive subsequent mail shots from the company urging you to upgrade).

Now to the analysis.

Using the information on the chart and the guidance offered in the book I tracked down the relevant page for my Sun Gate position – Sun Placement and Life Theme and eagerly read it with care and expectation.

This is where things ground to a halt. Sadly, I was less than impressed by what the book had to say about my life path. It was just not very accurate and failed to reflect any aspect of myself developed over the five decades that I have been alive on this planet.

I rechecked my personal details and did the calculations again but the results that came out were the same with a very poor and non-specific general commentary regarding my supposed destiny.

(If you are thinking that perhaps the natal details I inputted into the web form were incorrect then I might add that as a professional astrologer I have spent many years producing good analyses using the same natal information),

And here is where the problems arise; for I then looked through the book and read most of the other Gate descriptions. The majority of them were not only more accurate than the one that had been calculated for me but that at least 90% of them contained vague descriptions of some aspect of my own nature and character.

In fact they all simply described various typical facets of the core human experience and specifically those typified by someone who has been on the spiritual path for any amount of time.

So this, to my mind this system is simply not the accurate forecaster of destiny that I hoped for and which is promised by the authors.

Furthermore I have to point out that the core failing in this book is that the Gate descriptions contained within the book do not offer any specific advice regarding the life you are destined to live – which is the essential point behind the book.

In that sense the authors offer next to no spiritual guidance and only include simple commentaries on personal characteristics that are said to overshadow you.

Thus it can be said that the book fails to clarify the specific primary path that you are predestined to follow but, to use an analogy, references instead the type of clothes you are likely to be wearing along the journey.

So, in conclusion, this is not a book that I can in any way recommend. It could be that the full chart analysis that is on offer from the authors – for a price, is more explicit in offering quality spiritual advice, and it may be that despite my reservations with this book there are qualities yet to be unearthed within this divination system but the methodology offered here failed to live up to my expectations or the hype surrounding it.