The Christ Blueprint by Padma Aon Prakasha

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    The Christ Blueprint by Padma Aon Prakasha
  • Author: Padma Aon Prakasha
  • Publisher: Findhorn Press
  • Format: Paperback


Before approaching this book, it is important to make a clear differentiation between Christ and Christianity. In this context, the Christ is an outpouring of power, love and energy from the cosmic source. Christianity, on the other hand, is a religion based upon a two-thousand-year-old philosophy of a man who may or may not have existed.

This book deals with a very contemporary examination of the metaphysical changes that are occurring in our Solar System. They are impacting upon some of the most important dynamics that underpin our lives and the sociological structures we live in—none so than the form and type of energy that the Christ Ray is said to be projecting.

The author claims that The Christ Blueprint: 13 Keys To Christ Consciousness is a communication from a collective known as The Christ Council.

The Christ Council is a body of beings, who are revealing themselves and their work. One of the greatest changes that they reveal is the fact that the Christ Ray, or Light, has shifted polarity from masculine to feminine.

The Christ Ray

The book contains a number of discourses on various dynamics and principles that underpin the Christ Ray from well-known figures and luminaries within the Christos Mythos. These include characters and figures that were prominent in the life of Jesus Christ, as well as some lesser known Ascended Masters and Old Testament figures.

Each commentary includes an in-depth metaphysical examination of the principles that any one character disseminates. As in all life, these are often doubled-sided, containing as they do a reverse or shadow side to their nature.

The book pulls heavily from Christian sources and quotations and cites commonly understood frames of reference from the spiritual story that Christianity has evolved over time.


In a previous review, I praised at length another book by Padma Aon Prakasha (The Nine Eyes of Light) since it contributed a great deal to the modern ascension and transformation movement.

While The Christ Blueprint deals with a different aspect of spirituality, it does follow a similar vein, but I found it to not be as cohesive or erudite.

What I personally feel about the subject matter under consideration here is not particularly important. What I would say though is that this is a book that does not feel authentic. It appears to have been written to a pre-established formula, rather than a spontaneous out-bursting of dynamic, cutting-edge information.

While reading it, I was left with the strong feeling that the material originates mostly from the mind of the writer and not from the various aspects of the Christ Council: cosmic beings who quantify and personify the 13 Keys of Christ Consciousness.

I would go so far as to say that several of the sources in this book are questionable, containing as they do concepts such as The Second Coming and The Anti-Christ—both of which are tired and have been totally discredited.

In addition, the book’s continual reference to archaic, masculine-centric, religious dogma is a faulty assumption to make if, as The Christ Council suggests, the polarity of the Christ Light has flipped.

The Christ Blueprint will be an interesting and entertaining experience for those readers who most closely resonate to the Christ Ray, to its energy and whom fall under its influence. It offers interesting snippets of insight and its personal commentary from its respected and highly-knowledgable author will please his followers.

To those who look less favorably upon this type of divine spiritual influence and question its validity and application within today’s modern life, this book will disappoint.