The Essential Lenormand by Rana George

Publication Details

    The Essential Lenormand by Rana George
  • Author: Rana George
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Format: Paperback


Lebanese-born Rana George has been reading the Lenormand cards for over three decades. ‘The Essential Lenormand’ is her first book on the subject. It is the result of her knowledge and experience she has gained from her years as a professional cartomancer.

Rana started off using an old set of Lenormand cards that a family member bequeathed to her. Using their wisdom to guide her, she steered her life out of the most atrocious living conditions imaginable and became a respected psychic and Lenormand expert.

The result of her hard work is this extensive book, which takes a detailed look at each of the 36 cards in the Lenormand deck. It offers the reader a specific set of interpretations that extend the practical use of the cards beyond their more traditional application.

Later in the book, George explains how anyone—even beginners—can use a small Lenormand spread to accurately answer any question.

The book also includes a ‘Spreads’ section. She explores simple 1–3 card spreads through to using the full pack.

The book then finishes with information on Mademoiselle Lenormand and her celebrity status, a glossary of terms and a quick interpretation guide.

Like most books of this type, a Lenormand deck is NOT included.


Lenormand is not as popular as the Tarot. However, this might be the book that changes that for within its pages Rana George breathes new life into a very old divination system; presenting it in a thoroughly contemporary way.

Whether you are looking for specific card meanings, wanting advanced techniques for working with the challenging Grand Tableau Spread or looking for a more personal approach from the author, many people, like me, will find this an indispensable guide… as well as an utter joy to read.

Created by someone who has clearly lived and breathed the cards for most of her life, this book demands your attention. It is evidently the most authoritative, and, quite possibly, the most definitive, book about Lenormand on the market today.

The Essential Lenormand sets a very high standard for Lenormand workbooks. For its sheer value of content and visual presentation it thoroughly deserves our 5-star rating!



Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by PGUK, London.