The Evolving Soul by Dr Linda Backman

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    The Evolving Soul by Dr Linda Backman
  • Author: Linda Backman
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Format: Paperback

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Most spiritual traditions recognize that, during our brief time on planet earth, we are operating as a soul manifest in physical form.

Whatever our path in life—irrespective of the decisions that we make—we are constantly seeking to increase our spiritual learning and following the path of our Soul’s directive.

What is a Soul? How does it function? What does it want from us? These are all questions that spring to mind once you encompass the concepts of karma and re-incarnation.

In fact, the way we approach our spiritual studies and apply their specific teachings requires us to have, at the very least, a broad understanding of the plan which our Souls have pre-established for us.

Dr Linda Backman is a leading psychologist and regression therapist. She has been in private practice for more than 30 years. Life changed dramatically for her in 1993, following the death of a close colleague. At that point, she changed her approach to psychological work to focus on past lives and between-life states.

As a trained hypnotic regression therapist, she has studied thousands of cases over a twenty-year period. The Evolving Soul is her account of some of those regressions and the part that they played in helping her to understand the complexities of re-incarnation and Soul development.

The book opens with the author’s insights into the basic principles of karma and the way the Soul fractures to send part of itself down to Earth to act as a foot-soldier or scout—accumulating insight and wisdom during its time in a human vehicle.

Dr Backman maintains that we incarnate to advance our spiritual wisdom and to add to the collective wisdom during the time that we are here. Thus, every step forward that we make, spiritually benefits both ourselves but the whole of humanity.

Through her work, the author has come to understand that between lives, we enter a state of ‘evaluation’. At this stage, we are shown a number of films that reveal the various options that we are to face whilst incarnated in a new lifetime. The decisions that we make about the timelines that we follow are not made alone but in conjunction with our spiritual guides who offer help in designing a future life blueprint.

Dr Backman wants her book to offer a practical approach to its reader in providing a number of key questions or elements which he or she may wish to address. Understanding your blueprint is essential. She encourages her readers to keep a journal and, through it, to trace key elements of one’s life that may point to lessons that our Souls want us to learn.

Our blueprints are said to fall into one of seven Soul-archetype patterns or set paths. To this end, Dr Beckman describes a little of their different type and operation.

Understanding a Soul path is not simply a case of tracing it back through past events. The author suggests that, in order to get a closer idea of what our Soul directive is, as well as to draw closer connections to our spirit guides, we should develop our ‘clair’ abilities (skills such as clairvoyance and clairsentience).

Later in the book, she reveals the idea of seven guiding principles. These are said to underscore the re-incarnational process—for, in addition to the seven soul archetypes, Dr Backman refers to the concept of ‘Soul Ray’ and describes each of the seven rays-types.

Lifetimes spent in personal evaluation and growth are not solely individualistically based. We also evolve through relationships with others. So, in her book Dr Beckman reference the ‘Soul Family’, experiences as a baby in one’s mother’s womb, our ‘Soul Companion’ and relationships that we form with our significant partners. The way that these relationships work out helps or hinders individuals in their search for spiritual ascension.

Sometimes, her clients recorded simultaneous lifetimes. These are periods spent with overlapping and coincidental reincarnations of a similar type or style and which display common attributes and experiences and so the author takes a little time to explain how this has actually manifested in her own life.

In closing her book, Dr Backman talks about lives incarnated not only on planet Earth but also on other stars or at other celestial locations. While her advice centers mainly upon Earth-based Souls and their development, she does acknowledge that there are Extra-Terrestrial Souls who are arriving in increasing numbers to help the planet.

The Evolving Soul concludes with advice on the need to care for ones ‘self’ through diet, exercise, rest and time to relax.


This is a book about one of the most fascinating elements to spiritual work. although the Soul never really totally reveals itself, understanding the processes that underpin karma and re-incarnation are essential in helping us remain true to our higher force as we work through life’s challenges.

This book offers its reader a good understanding of these key concepts. With references drawn from sources such as the Michael Teachings, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the work of Alice A Bailey—all mixed in with her patients’ experiences whilst under hypnosis, this is a publication that will help to open up a more conscious awareness of the guiding powers behind events in our livfes.

It is, however, a book that inevitably asks more questions than it actually answers and so I would have enjoyed it more had details of some of the key principles been fleshed out a little. I was also a little wary of some of the esoteric material that is used as a backdrop to the authors conclusions about the structure of re-incarnations. For a more contextual explanation of the meaning of the Soul Ray, for example, I would advise checking out the original material that Alice Bailey channelled.

However, the author must be congratulated on her work as well as be recognized for the contribution that she has made to our more practical and immediate understanding of the Soul and the process of ascension that it constantly subjects us to.

I found the client’s hypnotic recollections were very descriptive and, in the main, they offered some compelling evidence and insight into the nature and function of our inner worlds.

Dr Linda Backman offers mankind an intriguing set of practical insights into a hidden aspect to our personal spiritual evolution.