The Fearless Path by Leah Guy

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    The Fearless Path by Leah Guy
  • Author: Leah Guy
  • Publisher: New Page Books
  • Date Published: May 15, 2017
  • Format: Paperback


If you and I want to have peace and freedom, we must change the way we live our lives. We must follow our Soul’s desires, and strengthen our self-will. The first steps are accepting who you are and presenting your true self to the world.

With those encouraging words of advice intuitive transpersonal healer and spiritual teacher Leah Guy encapsulates her personal philosophy — not one that has been learnt or lifted from sacred books of any kind but one which has been forged through the sheer struggle and challenge of having to deal with deeply traumatic personal issues.

In the opening to her book The Fearless Path Leah Guy reveals some of the deeply troubling events and circumstances that led her down a deep, dark, and troubling path from which there appeared to be no return.

However, the author did eventually find a way back to normality and within the pages of her book she shares the process that took her from zero to hero.

A Revival of Fortunes

Today Guy is living a quite different life from the one that dragged her down so badly and although the intervening years appear to have been wasted they were in essence simply an important period in her life during which she developed a more instinctual way of living and seeing the world.

In The Fearless Path she shares her personal insights into the complex process of emotional healing and personal transformation that she engaged with — a process which she believes anyone can take for themselves, and which leads to a closer connection to the Soul.

Guy identifies the primary ways by which we become unbalanced in our lives. She uses the main chakras of the human body to identify specific areas in which we hold imprinted energy patterns. Most of these, she explains, are introduced through our early years of conditioning and that the resulting emotional imbalances that result can remain within us for a lifetime.

Seven Wheels of Life

Guy has structured her book around the chakra framework and dedicates each chapter to the task of exploring the issues and malfunctions in our lives specific to each centre. She has called these core principles;

  • Presence
  • Passion
  • Devotion
  • Oasis
  • Declare
  • Mystic
  • Ascend

In addition to a close evaluation of the characteristics of each centre the author also includes brief exercises that the reader can do for themselves and which Guy calls ‘Emotional Workouts’.

These involve a number of practical techniques for breaking down the energy blocks and for helping to dissolve deep emotional conflicts that hide away unknown to our conscious selves.

In the concluding chapter of The Fearless Path Guy reinforces her belief that emotional healing is a vitally important as well as extremely worthwhile personal project to undertake — though she does not shy away from the fact that it can be a difficult process to engage with at the best of times.

Guy sums up her book by defining the nature of the work at hand by saying; “Peace did not find me. I had to work to reconnect with my Soul.”

In the end she encourages those who wish to take on the same journey in their own lives by stating; “I encourage you to stay close to the process of healing. The commitment to self and Soul is worth it.”

Our Review of The Fearless Path by Leah Guy

There are many books today that focus upon emotional self-healing and in many ways this is potentially just another in a tide of publications written by so many graduates from the ‘School of Middle-Class Comfort Zones’.

However, this book is markedly different from so many others of this genre simply because of the way that the author approaches the healing process.

The energy of this book, its core persona if you will, is notably resonant to the nature of the task at hand. It is the sort of book that only gets written as the result of a genuine personal struggle and this dynamic emerges on every page.

Readers intuitively sense when an author is skating over some of the more challenging issues related to transpersonal or spiritual work but not so in this case where the writer’s authenticity — as well as understanding of the path to be followed, shines through.

For many hardened Self-seekers the information on offer in The Fearless Path will not offer much that is radically new or different; but for those who perhaps are not so well versed in the issues and challenges inherent within personal transformation work this is an outstanding publication — one that disposes with the fluff and tells it as it really is in a sympathetically compassionate and thoroughly empowering way.