The Fiery Hierarchy: Revealing the Secret Government of the World (The Teaching of the Heart) (Book 5) by Zinovia Dushkova

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    The Fiery Hierarchy: Revealing the Secret Government of the World (The Teaching of the Heart) (Book 5) by Zinovia Dushkova
  • Author: Zinovia Dushkova
  • Series: The Teaching of the Heart
  • Publisher: Radiant Books
  • Date Published: 19 September 2017
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English-Translation
  • ISBN: 978-5990826892

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No one currently involved in the modern spirituality movement will be unaware of the immense struggle taking place on this planet at this time between the dark rule of the old order and the conflicting powers of light trying to seed a new way ahead for humanity.

However you define the dark powers, and they are credited with a wide number of names, their ability to organise themselves and formulate a stronghold around their kingdom is impressive. A strong counter-offensive is required.

In Zinovia Dushkova”s Fifth volume of her The Teaching of the Heart series she introduces her readers to the Hierarchy of Light – a collection of advanced spiritual adepts and teachers who are trying to breakdown the darkness in this ongoing battle.

Early Development

The main focus of this book is to reveal some of the technical aspects of a mysterious inner government which has is known to have been active behind the scenes for millennial. It specifically highlights the connections and relationships between its teachers and its disciples all of whom are working in a myriad of different ways within every aspect of our society.

One of the ways in which these connections are strengthened is through an introduction to children of the concept of the Guardian Angel; for through it, or so the author suggests, an initial appreciation of the Hierarchy can be formed.

Other important tools are recommended for those who are either new to the path. These include a recognition of the part that the Seven Rays play in the process and the vital importance of developing a compassionate heart.

So armed, the disciples of light can become powerful warriors in the drive to clear away the dross of the old order in preparation for the coming of the New Saviour (which is probably an energy or principle rather than a person) along with a restoration of the true magickal power that resides dormant within the core being of every human being.

As Dushkova states “Gods are already living among you, working for the sake of your transfiguration, desiring to see you as gods similar to them.”


Throughout this book there is a very real recognition of the immense challenges faced by those who have aligned themselves to the Hierarchy and its mission. The path of World Service has never been any easy one but as the need for disciples to enter into increasingly darker areas of both themselves and society grows, embracing the Great Work is clearly not for the weak of heart.

This is a book that also addresses the common criticism directed at the Hierarchy which is that they have withdrawn from making a visible presence at this time. Herein lies the essence of the perpetual problem in that during any form of conflict the Generals send troops into the heat of battle whilst observing events from the safety of their own bunkers, located some safe distance away.

Does this book reduce the distance between those who give the orders and those who have to act upon them? The answer to that very much lies within your approach to this book and your ability to decipher a great deal of the cryptic information it contains.

As with all of the books in this series it is not an easy read by any means and it often leaves one with a sense of frustration that important details are not fleshed out. However, as with all of the books in this The Teaching of the Heart series, this is a text birthed through the Fiery Heart and so as a consequence should be read with one. If you have read any of the previous titles in this series then this volume makes greater sense.

Its time to determine which side in the war you are going to fight for and this book might just help you make up your mind!

In the next publication in this series Dushkova will explore the significance of the human heart and its role in enabling humanity to move to the next level of its spiritual development. Until then there is plenty of time to reread Book Five, along with its predecessors, and to engage with the messages of help and support being sent from the Heirarchs – whose who are working behind the scenes to manifest the Great Plan.



Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by Radiant Books.