The Healing of Jordan Young by Tobin Blake

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During the turbulent few years that Tobin Blake spent helping his daughter’s boyfriend overcome his cancer he came to appreciate the fact that when a patient self-administers the correct healing modalities the universe responds to produce healing miracles that consistently astound and confound medical specialists.

In his book ‘The Healing of Jordan Young’, Blake retraces the events, circumstances and decisive medical diagnoses that took place during 2012 when the young man, Jordan Young, was so riddled with cancer that his death seemed imminent and unavoidable.

The narrative that tells the remarkable story of Tobin Blake’s remission from cancer focuses upon the belief that all disease stems from unresolved internal trauma and emotional conflict.

Indeed, it is through understanding this connecting principle between mind and body, that the author was brought to the point of believing that the first principle of healing is that: All diseases – no matter their form – must be treated at the deepest level in order for the condition to be healed.

As a book, ‘The Healing of Jordan Young’ is more than just a chronological account detailing a remarkable healing event. It is also an active guide to the nature of human health, physical healing and to the specific circumstances that deep, inner-transformational change can bring to personal health.

In sharing his many years of expertise in the subject the author has divided his commentary into three separate parts.

Part One – Principles of Healing

In the first part Tobin Blake describes the various forms of illnesses, imbalances and dis-eases that can directly impact upon the quality of our lives.

These can typically include relationship conflicts, financial problems, professional issues and are not simply limited to just physical ailments.

No matter what the external symptoms are, the author is resolute in his belief that healing has to be applied to the core of the problem and not just to the symptoms – otherwise they will simply re-emerge time and time again.

Blake considers also at this point the impact that the negative emotion of fear has upon healing and how, if unchecked, it can evolve into a form of resistance to self-healing. The antidote to this is, in Blakes’ experience, the administration of love thoughts – packets of enrgy that bring with them a sense of quietness, joy and self-acceptance.

At this point in the book its author directly equates the energy of human love with Source Energy and identifies it as the only power capable of healing us at that much deeper level of being.

Part Two – Special Principles of Healing

Tobin Blake explains in part two of his book that specific laws govern the healing process.

Here he identifies specific principles that need to be understood in order that full healing can take place. These are that the patient must believe that healing is in fact possible, that the patient must at some level want to be healed and that they feel they deserve to be healed.

These may seem pretty obvious but few people realize that the illness they outwardly experience is a direct consequence of these principles being negated in some way.

Blake reveals that at the heart of this cycle of dis-empowerment there can lay a deep and unresolved sense of guilt from which often stems other negative emotions; such as fear and its side effects of sickness, depression, addiction, self-loathing and anxiety.

Part Three – Methods of Healing

The nature, form and quality of the thoughts that make up our life are considered in the opening to part three of ‘The Healing of Jordan Young’.

Here the author explores the impact that the mind has in determining our health and well-being. Blake also offers at this point advice on how to practice such positive mental disciplines as saturating your consciousness with what he terms as ‘peace thoughts’, creating conditions of inner stillness and of opening to a condition of resonance with the joy of the Great Spirit.

To Blake, the core practice that oversees all of these disciplines is meditation and so he dedicates a whole chapter to its daily practice – one which he describes as the single most effective activity one can take up to aid physical and emotional well-being.

As a close companion practice to meditation he also explores the art of visualisation and its core components which, if practiced successfully, will lead to eventual success in any endeavour that you undertake if you integrate the core principles of desire, belief and focus.

In aiding in the healing process of his patient, Jordan Young, Blake taught him specific and powerfully-effectual techniques based around these practices – all personal tools which he describes in detail in his book.

Other techniques that the author advocates includes prayer and affirmations – of which he offers numerous examples, laying-on of hands and a technique that he calls ‘holding presence’.

The Cure

The remarkable range of healing that took place in the life of Jordan Young – along with his cancer remission and the smoothing out in his personal family relationships, all led to personal transformation and deeper insights into the process of healing by all those who were involved at the time.

The successful result of their efforts appears to have been achieved not through one particular form of practical healing but as a result of their successful combination – though one principle, above all others, appears to have been the catalyst for recovery.

As Blake explains in the final passage to his book, With love, all things can be healed, with love, hope is always justified, with love, nothing is impossible

This, it appears, is a salutary lesson for all of us!

Our Review of ‘The Healing of Jordan Young’ by Tobin Blake

Healing is, invariably, a condition that we administer only after the onset of physical dis-ease. In The Healing of Jordan Young the reader is presented with not only a series of practices by which to heal but also a broader philosophy for initiating healthy mind-body relationships within ourselves.

This is a book that one wishes, with a degree of hindsight, one could have offered to those in one’s life who lacked the necessary advice and guidance on avoiding what in many cases might have been premature or avoidable deaths.

The story that initiated the writing of this book underpins the personal narrative which makes this book so utterly compulsive as a read.

In addition, as the story unfolds, the reader is drawn into a world of alternative medicine that requires little more than mental dedication, a strong sense of self-belief and oodles of love from those that surround you.

With practical exercises, compassionately-offered advice and a cheery disposition, this book heals the spirit as it goes along.

For many people, reading it will be a valuable, life-changing experience.

In sharing his many years of practical experience in holistic healing practuce Tobin Blake has given all who struggle with poor mental, emotional and spiritual health a major shot in the arm. As a discourse on how we hold within ourselves the capacity to heal it is brilliant, uplifting and empowering. Miss it at your peril!

Our Rating