The Heart of Infinity: Exploring the Universe (The Teaching of the Heart) (Volume 4) by Zinovia Dushkova

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    The Heart of Infinity: Exploring the Universe (The Teaching of the Heart, Volume 4) by Zinovia Dushkova
  • Author: Zinovia Dushkova
  • Series: The Teaching of the Heart
  • Publisher: Radiant Books
  • Format: Paperback


Spirituality teaches us that the Universe is a vibrant, breathing, and energetic place — an environment that is more dynamic and conscious than astrophysicists would have us believe.

Also, and once again despite what physics tells us, whilst the cosmos is a hot-bed of activity it is not a chaotic place. Stars, planets, and even whole solar systems are in order with one another and in doing so vibrate to cosmic laws and principles that define their particular role and function in the Grand Scheme.

But what are these principles and how do they impact upon life on this planet?

Depths of the Universe

The Heart of Infinity by Zinovia Dushkova is the fourth in her The Teaching of the Heart series.

This time her insights into life gathered from communications with the Lord of Love and Compassion, otherwise known as the Supreme Head of the Hierarchy on this planet, relate to stellar knowledge and cosmic teachings.

Compiled in the same short, paragraph-length segments that characterized her earlier works, these teachings offer a form of spiritual commentary that is very redolent of many others that carry a high vibration, or which reference deep mystical concepts and esoteric terminology.

The array of subjects featured in this 330+ page publication is wide and diverse and includes:

  • The Shambhala of the Earth
  • Cosmic Laws
  • The Infinite Spirit of Maitrreya
  • The Chain of Evolution
  • The Supreme Mind, or The Absolute Energy
  • Centres of the Earth

Other more general topics covered include, the role of the star Sirius in human evolution, the advancement of new sciences, the development of stellar consciousness in humanity, and Lemuria and Atlantis.

In fact, it would appear that the narrative of The Heart of Infinity: Exploring the Universe is as rich as the cosmic splendour from which its teachings are derived.

Our Review of The Heart of Infinity: Exploring the Universe (The Teaching of the Heart) (Volume 4) by Zinovia Dushkova

I have spoken enthusiastically in the past about the work and writings of Zinovia Dushkova and I am no less inclined to do so here after reading this latest instalment in her The Teaching of the Heart transmissions.

However, the material in this book is not necessarily any easier to digest than her earlier works. In many ways getting your head around it takes some understanding of the cosmic principles involved as well as a background to the work which can only be derived from her earlier works. (Thankfully a glossary of some of the major terms used throughout the book has been included.)

That is not to suggest that this is an obscure occult treatise — one that is way too far off the scale for most people to comprehend, because it isn’t; however, I did find that I needed to reread and reference this book several times in order to pick up on its rhythm and adjust to its style.

Is this sort of effort needed to understand a book of spiritual insights necessarily worth the effort you may be wondering?

Normally I would say not but woven into the fabric of the narrative contained in this book are some richly rewarding ideas and concepts. Whilst sometimes it is a little frustrating not to have a fuller explanation of some of the core concepts it is what has been handed down to the author so no criticism in that direction.

So, to sum up, if you have enjoyed Zinovia Dushkova’s other books in this series then this one is going to be an essential purchase; for its main themes continues on from those in those previous titles.

For those who are new to her works then I would say that this is a highly recommended read — though it will require some further effort to get the best out of.

I understand that another title in this series will be forth-coming and that, from what I can currently, gauge, could be a real cracker!



Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by Radiant Books.