The Heart of the Community: Creating an Ideal Society (The Teaching of the Heart) (Volume 3) by Zinovia Dushkova

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    The Heart of the Community: Creating an Ideal Society (The Teaching of the Heart) (Volume 3) by Zinovia Dushkova
  • Author: Zinovia Dushkova
  • Series: The Teaching of the Heart
  • Publisher: Radiant Books
  • Format: Paperback


The World is in the midst of a period of great social change — probably as significant and far-reaching in its scope as those that occurred during late 1960s.

For many people caught up in the shifting sands of time this is a frightening and deeply challenging period in World history. In many regards it seems like we are teetering on the brink of something dark and foreboding over which we have little or no control.

For those who understand this revolution from a spiritual perspective the future is somewhat less daunting for these changes have been expected and predicted to occur for a very long time leaving people able to adapt and change in order to accommodate them.

A Need for Strong Leadership

If the predictions of even a small number of spiritual commentators is correct then when the dust has settled we can look foreword to a golden age of peace, universal love and a society with a deeper connection to the Divine.

Someone who is universally respected for her work in helping to move humanity into a more spiritually uplifting existence is award-winning Russian author and philosopher Zinovia Dushkova.

Here at Spirituality Today we reviewed her first two books in The Teaching of the Heart series and we now have the opportunity to follow these up with a look at her third book The Heart of the Community – Creating an Ideal Society.

Community Cohesion

This publication follows much the same format as the earlier titles with transcripts of telepathic exchanges between its author the Master – one of the secret, sacred teachers of mankind said to live deep in the Himalayas.

As its title suggests this latest collection of spiritual insights specifically relates to the process involved in seeding a New World and establishing strong self-sufficient communities as a new societal structure.

Dushkova opens her work by introducing a term which underpins the primary approach to the subject in hand – Sacred Co-operation.

This effectively acts as a spiritual banner for those intrepid souls who are seeking to change society by establishing new, cohesive units of people sharing a common goal or aim.

The consolidating force or energy to bring this about is described by the author as the Fiery Heart. It is a uniquely powerful magnetising force that the author states cements a whole system of worlds that have previously been separated.

She states:

We are all a single organism, set in motion by the creative might of the Fiery Heart that is beating in the breast of the One whose Name will remain ineffable for ages eternal.

This establishes each of us as a unique and creative spirit around which can act as a focal point around which a new and vibrant community can be formed.

In her book, the author reveals several key elements that can aid this building process. One is of course a strong connection to the Divine but others include the development of Joy with the heart of the community, forging a collective vision, the eradication of stagnant energies, and love of the given task.

However, the author is realistic regarding the true nature of humanity and the building of what many might class as a utopian dream. The book features a great deal of commentary regarding the dangers and pitfalls that can waylay the naive but well-meaning when confronted with a diverse collection of individuals. She also warns on the need to learn to protect as well as build — to maintain those structures which will be open to attack from a variety of internal as well as external forces.

The author believes that despite the immense challenges, difficulties and obstacles presenting themselves during the transition into new community social structures that ultimately Sacred Live will prevail on this planet.

This is, she feels, inevitable for as she concludes.

The human heart is a temple in which God finds eternal shelter.

Our Review of The Heart of the Community: Creating an Ideal Society (The Teaching of the Heart) (Volume 3) by Zinovia Dushkova

Whilst the first two books in the Teaching of the Heart series were similar in style and content this third collection carries with it a wholly edgier and more incisive energy.

If you are familiar with the earlier works by the author then you will know roughly how they are structured as well as the form of uniquely stylised writing that characterises them.

The free-flowing and prosaic form of writing is applied again here but this time it is even more succinct and direct in the way that it presents its insights.

For this reason I enjoyed this book immensely and the sheer calibrate of the material on offer here forces one to digest it piecemeal along with a need to effectively return, reread and re-assimilate the advice given.

As I stated earlier this is not a manual for the establishment of a hippy-driven, free for all socialist collective but a working construct for a new society built upon sacred and spiritual laws and values….and as the Master points out this requires hard work to initiate and to sustain.

I also felt that this work is nearest of the three to the characteristics of other important mouthpieces of the Masters and in this I am thinking of H. P. Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey.

So all in all The Heart of the Community: Creating an Ideal Society is a highly satisfying, deeply energising but challenging work. Those in the spiritual community who are working towards the initiation of new social structures of their own will find it indispensable whilst for those yet to hoist aloft a banner of their own it is a real call to arms.



Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by Radiant Books.