The Illumination of the Heart: Experiencing a Divine Miracle (The Teaching of the Heart Book 2) by Zinovia Dushkova

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    The Illumination of the Heart: Experiencing a Divine Miracle (The Teaching of the Heart) (Volume 2) by Zinovia Dushkova
  • Author: Zinovia Dushkova
  • Series: The Teaching of the Heart
  • Publisher: Radiant Books
  • Format: Paperback


The Illumination of the Heart: Experiencing a Divine Miracle (The Teaching of the Heart Book 2 – sub-titled Leaves of Maitreya’ Garden, The Call of the Heart, is a collection of transcripts that reveal the continuing dialogue between the author and Ascended Master Maitreya.

This is facilitated via a communication process which the author Zinovia Dushkova refers to as ‘The Fiery Experience.

In her book Dushkova describes this form of communication as ‘the method which the Great Teachers traditionally use to transmit the Supreme Knowledge through their colleagues and disciples who practice the fiery yoga.

The message is that of love-wisdom with the conduit being the heart center.

The book focusses upon the fact that through the personal and universal development of this chakra the world will begin to see the onset of changes that will completely revolutionize mankind’s relationship with the Divine.

As Maitreya states “Your pass to the New Age is the Light of your heart”

Around the World

Book two of The Illumination of the Heart opens the communication via the first of a series of short, numbered verses which follows the same method of revelation employed by the author in Book One.

These in turn are sectioned off into nine different parts – each of which reflect the transmissions that took place in various parts of the world during 1997.

The first of these were disseminated in Egypt and Israel with following ones having taken place in the author’s native country of Russia.

The message contained within the book is consistent with the former publication and focuses upon the emergence of a New World Teacher and the final transformation of the planet by the energy of light as it subsumes the forces of darkness in its wake.

In Book Three of The Illumination of the Heart, which is due for subsequent publication at a later date, the effect of these transforming powers of light; as they modify society at its deepest level, will herald the progression of the Geat Plan and eventual initiate peace on Earth via the creation of what Maitreya describes as “a New World on a New Earth”

Our Review of The Teaching of the Heart Book Two by Zinovia Dushkova

We reviewed The Teaching of the Heart Book One sometime back and gave it an emphatic recommendation by virtue of its powerful spiritual insights and powerful prosaic rhythms.

This follow up publication illicits much the same response for it follows on in much the same manner as its predecessor.

Whether you consider the similarity of the two books to be a good thing or simply that it follows the author travelling over the same ground is down to ones perspective. Personally speaking, although the two books are similar in style, and the message is largely the same, there is enough that is fresh and new in this follow-up to keep the reader interested.

That being said, any newcomer to this series of books may enter Book Two unsure of the background and context to this material for it does not contain any of the important introductory material that appeared in Book One and which gave the reader some idea of the transmission being received along with its historical basis.

In Book Two you are kind of dropped directly into the transmissions on the assumption that you known what is going on.

Thus I would recommend that readers consider both books together and see them as forming a close relationship to one another with its material weaving back and forth through the two publications.

Book Two will make so much more sense as a result and, I would imagine, sets the scene for Book Three – together which may well qualify as one of the most interesting and though-provoking works of our modern age.



Credit: Review copy kindly supplied by Radiant Books.