The Open-Source Everything Manifesto by Robert David Steele

Publication Details

    The Open-Source Everything Manifesto by Robert David Steele
  • Author: Robert David Steele
  • Series: Manifesto Series
  • Date Published: June 5, 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1583944431


The term ‘Open Source’ refers to universal access to a product or service’s core design. Without it there would be no Internet—at least, not in the way we enjoy it—for it is in digital publishing and information sharing that Open Source has been such a powerful force for change by opening up access to information of any type, the whole of society benefits, rather than just a few elitist individuals/corporations.

However, this is only one of many benefits that this model creates. Other advantages are said to include; the creation of collaborative units, the infusion of more creatively inspired ideas, and the rapid deployment of solutions to problems

In his book, The Open-Source Everything Manifesto, author Robert David Steele argues the case for the expansion of Open Source networks throughout all of our established institutions, including corporations, banks and, most importantly, governments.

As an ex-member of the US security services, he understands the inherent problems and dangers of trying to operate effectively in areas such as intelligence gathering.

Disillusioned by the utter waste of time and money, as well as the futility, of enforcing foreign policies based on compartmentalized and selective Intel, he decided that there had to be a better way of running large-scale infrastructures.

He saw the immense success that the IT-based Open Source communities had enjoyed with operating systems, such as Linux, software, such as OpenOffice, as well as the website Content Management Systems, such as WordPress and Joomla.

Completely frustrated with the large-scale corruption of US and worldwide banking institutions, Robert began to earnestly promote his ideas of Open Government as a way in which integrity and accountability could be returned to the larger society.

From these concepts, Robert believes that a more democratic form of governance can evolve, along with systems of information gathering that disseminates power to all levels of society.

In The Open-Source Everything Manifesto he explores in depth his philosophy regarding the need for a complete overhaul of all of our systems of governance. These, he believes, would not only benefit the currently dominant Western powers, it would strengthen and empower developing nations.

With the extensive use of diagrams, the theories that he presents in this book on issues such as holistic thinking, ecological rebalancing and citizen-empowerment are developed.

The core principle to them all is openness and honesty. He believes that this can return our societies to a health and self-renewing condition.


It is refreshing to read such a powerful and all-encompassing approach to the eternal problem of hierarchy and how so few people determine the destiny of so many individuals on this planet.

This is a book by an author who is clearly very passionate about the Open Source concept and how he can see it working in all areas of our lives.

The book, on occasions, does suffer from being a little overly-complex in its proposals given that the basis of his arguments form an essentially simple core principle. Despite this The Open-Source Everything Manifesto carries the reader along at pace with its personal accounts of the immense work that the author has done in trying to promote his ideas to a skeptical world.

To many of us in the domain of spiritual-regeneration of our planet, these ideas appear obvious and natural but to those indoctrinated by the idea that hierarchal, rule from the top down, systems of control are the only way, this book will appear extremely heretical.

This is a book that invites a follow-up—a successor that expands the practical implementations of the Open Source paradigm throughout every area of our lives.

There is no doubt that the book’s proposals are going to be the most challenging to our current religious, governing and financial institutions who, if they do not wake up and take serious account of Robert Steele’s ideas, might find their empires, not just crumbling, but leveled overnight.

Sometimes the smallest things pack the greatest punch. The Open-Source Everything Manifesto presents the reader with some powerful blows.

Whether or not we choose to accept Robert David Steele’s ideas is up to each of us but there can be little doubt that the Open Source concept IS changing our World and that The Open-Source Everything Manifesto is a superb expose of just where those changes might lead us. A highly recommended read!