The Second Book of Crystal Spells by Ember Grant

Publication Details

    The Second Book of Crystal Spells by Ember Grant
  • Author: Ember Grant
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Date Published: June 8, 2016
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0738746265


Minerals are found in a variety of forms, textures, colours and densities; with many being integrated into ritual magical practices in a variety of ways.

In her second book on the subject Pagan writer Amber Grant presents a further detailed look at stones, crystals, salts, and minerals along wit heir use and application in Wiccan and Pagan practice.

Born From the Earth

The Second Book of Crystal Spells opens with a look at various types of salts. Here the author explains how this mineral has been traditionally used in a variety of occult practices; those such as protection work, banishing and purification.

From salt Grant then explores the connections between crystals and the tarot.

Here she offers a detailed explanation of each card of the major arcana along with guidance on which minerals are most closely associated with the dynamics of the card.

Special quartz points is the topic of the next chapter and here the author highlights some of the more common discrepancies that are found in quartz crystals. Because of their unique qualities some of these exhibit some quite unique characteristics which offer some specific magical benefits.

Staying on the subject of peculiarities in the mineral kingdom the book then highlights other ‘interesting’ types of rocks. These include those which have a specific blend of minerals, which are found in specific locations, or have unusual and noteworthy formations.

For those readers who use crystals in their psychic-work the next chapter offers insights into stones that enhance intuition.

Those who use crystals in magical ritual are presented in the following chapter with a number of Crystal rituals and spells that can be used for Sabbats and Esbats.

The book closes with a detailed list of the metaphysical correspondences of a variety of metals and stones.

Our Review of ‘The Second Book of Crystal Spells’ by Ember Grant

Anyone who has an interest in minerals and crystals in particular will find this publication a fascinating exploration into the rather more off-the-wall, or non-traditional aspects of the subject.

Clearly this book does extend out and beyond the author’s first publication and although I have not read this earlier work I should imagine that the two works would compliment each other well.

I have to say that this book was a delightful read. It’s range of material and the breadth of the author’s knowledge on the subject is such that it will be a valuable asset to any Wiccan or Pagan who uses minerals and crystals in their magickal work.